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Douglas Oman

Third Party Video SIP device to 8945

HI all,

I have a third party video SIP device (2n Helios Vario) and I am unable to get video on my 894x Series phones, but can on my 99x1 phones. Has anyone been able to get this to work? I'm now kind of in a bind as most of our phones are the 894x phones and they will need to be able to see video from the door intercom.

Thanks in advanced,



I just got a resolution from TAC on this issue.

These settings fixed the issue for 8945 and Jabber clients.

Preferred video codecs:

Choice 1 : H.264

Video codec settings:

Video resolution:  CIF (352x288)

Frame rate: 30fps

Video Bitrate: 384

Video packet size: 1400 Bytes

Advanced RTP settings

H.264 payload type (1): 103

H.264 payload type (1): 124

H.263+ payload type (1): 97

Polycomm Compatible; Yes

Thanks, Worked a treat.


Thanks, been looking for a while to get this to work.

And now it does!



I configured the Helios with the settings mentioned above but I am still not seeing anything on my 9971 or on the Jabber client. 

Hello steve,

Where do i have to change this settings?

and is this for a cucm or cme?

thanx, Dennis Koene

I used the config settings and still see no video on the CP-8945 phone.Your last settings were Advanced RTP settings. My setup page is for advanced SDP settings.  Difference?

The newer firmware on the Helios does have different headings. Here's what I have that is working today

Product Name

2N Helios IP Force

The settings have remained the same:

Video Parameters:

Video resolution:  CIF (352x288)

Frame rate: 30fps

Video Bitrate: 384

Preferred Video Codecs:

Codec 1: H.264

Codec 2 - 4: NONE

Transmission Quality Settings:

QoS DSCP Value 46

Video packet size: 1400 Bytes

Advanced SDP settings

H.264 payload type (1): 103

H.264 payload type (2): 124

H.263+ payload type: 97

Polycomm Compatible; Yes

Hope that helps


Have you got the Helios and the phone in the same device pool . i.e. region?


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Unfortunately, I am not administrating the CSM, only the Helios.  I wll pass this info on to the CSM administrator.


Same here, 9971 is fine, 8945 is not...I have 2N Force and Verso both setup and working with 9971 / CME

are you running the 8945 with sccp or SIP firmware?

Is your IP PBX is CUCM or CME ?

I'm using CME and so far tried SCCP firmware on the 8945.

My issue/concern/question is, since the 8945 can support VGA quality video, (640x480) why do we have to set the video to CIF (352x288) ?

Thats a big quality difference, can we not use VGA quality?

I had a feeling thats why it's not working, since the 9971 can only support lower resolutions, I didn't bother trying to go higher, but I bought an 8945 specifically FOR the higher resolution. Now I cant have it ?!?!

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