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TMS 13.2.2 with JAVA 1.8u111 doesn't work

I'm running TMS 13.2.2. Client is Windows 8 64 bits.

I update my java to 1.8u111 and I uninstall the old version (1.7u51). Whenever I try to lauch CCC, I get this (either from IE11, firefox 49 or Chrome 54: 

Java support has not been detected. This page requires Java to be installed and enabled in your browser. Java may not be installed, or may be disabled in your browser due to configuration or security settings. Please visit the Java website to download the Java Runtime or to test your browser's configuration.

I try different thing :

- Deleting all the Java temporary file;

- Adding my TMS server into the JAVA security Exception list;

- Adding the local path of JAVA in the PATH environment variable;

- Change Internet Option to activate all Plug-in or Active X (not recommanded);

Anyone have a solution to run CCC with my TMS 13.2.2 and JAVA 1.8u111?



What happens if you go to

What happens if you go to Java's website and verify it's installed and loaded correct?

Because you say you're running 64-bit Windows, are you using Java 32-bit or 64-bit?  Have you tried running the over version?

What if you attempted to load CCC using a different computer?


I handed my default IE

I handed my default IE settings. Thereafter, I went on the JAVA site ( and nothing happens. The JAVA applet does not start.

I click on "Verify Java Version" and nothing happens.

I have the 64-bit version on my post. It's the same on another computer with the same version of JAVA.

Sounds like a browser and

Sounds like a browser and Java issue, and not an issue with TMS itself, since Java won't load even on their website. I'd try to reinstall Java, try different versions, 32-bit and 64-bit, do the same for IE as well. 

Note, Chrome removed support for Java, so it don't work in their browser anyway. 


I found the solution! Thks

I found the solution! Thks for clue!

First, I check the shortcut I use IE. It's located in ["C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe"]. So I have a 64-bits browser.

I uninstalled all versions of Java on my computer. I found the 32-bit version of Java and the 64-bit version.

I installed the 64-bit version of JAVA 1.8u111. I add my address of TMS in the exception list and I still have the same problem.

I uninstalled again and I deleted the files in my profile and I installed the 32-bit version.

I added the address of TMS in the exception list and IT WORKS for FIREFOX and IE.

My problem is I've always download the 32-bits version of JAVA.

I don't know why a 64-bit OS and 64-bit browser is the 32-bit version of Java that works.

Cisco Employee

32 bit browser will use 32

32 bit browser will use 32 bit Java. 64 bit browser will use 64 bit Java.

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