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Daniele De Bruyn

TMS 13.2 (Legacy Agent) Phonebook and AD integration

Hi Guys,

i'm trying to create a centralized phonebook source based on our AD records.

At this time i have created a separated OU (this will host our corporate phonebook) having 3 dummy users:

Resulting search DN would be:


And i have created a new phonebook source on TMS based on "active directory". It seems to work, but imported contacts are marked as "telephone", on bandwidth. Also, i have no idea how to put a SIP address as it seems to get just the IP phone AD field:

To be honest on TMS help files it's stated:

Active Directory

Import IP Phone and telephone numbers from MS Active Directory to a phone book.

So it seems to be the expected behaviour, i'm just wondering whats the best practice in order to create an efficent AD phonebook.

Thanks and regards

Magnus Ohm
Cisco Employee

Hi Daniele, how are you?

Ok so you are creating an AD phonebook and you want to know the best practices to use it. First of all for what purpose are you using the AD phonebook for? Are you running provisioning but do not want to use the provisioning phonebook to manage your entries?

Or are these "AD Users" rooms that you want the phone number to act as a E164 alias?

For SIP URI's in AD its not there by default. It is relating to Lync integration but I beleive you can implement a schema to get a SIP uri for your users, I don't have first hand experience on this so someone else might be able to share some more on this part.

It is working as expected and the options for what you can import is what you can import from AD.

In my example I have created an AD phonebook.

I have imported my phonenumber which is the E164 alias of one of my C60 units.

When I search for this in my jabber client

I can see the entry here. When I dial it it reaches my C60. This depends on how the VCS treats this number...

What you see is whats expected it just comes down to you on how you want to use it depending on your setup. If you have a lot of movi/jabber users I would use the provisioning phonebook for the SIP uris.

But I don't know your thought and ambitions behind your plan to setup an efficient AD phonebook.


Hi Magnus,

first and foremost i want to thank you for your kind support.

Atm i'm on my mobile device and i'm non confortable explain the complete scenario ( in other word: why we want to use AD).

Ill try to give you more details asap.

Best Regards


Hi Magnus,

i'm back at office and now i can give you more details

I totally agree with you, provisioning phonebook would be golder for SIP provisioning but the whole point here is that we have 2 management servers and we want to keep these aligned managing the same DB. We have to keep togheter 2 both video infrastructures for demo purpose.

Obviously one is TMS while the other one is Polycom CMA.. i have also seen this option:

I assume this would allow an active sync towards to a Polycom global management server... but i can't find any documentation.

Thanks for your precious collaboration.

Best regards


Magnus Ohm
Cisco Employee

Hi Daniele.

I dont have a polycom cma to test this with but if you can get the sip attribute added to the users you should be fine correct?


Sent from Cisco Technical Support iPhone App

Hi Magnus,

yes  if we can retrieve Sip info from AD that would be a solid step forward.

Also more details about phonebook source "polycom gms/ldap " applications would be appreciated ;-)


Hi Daniele

I have done some tests on this and I have a domain  controller setup for Lync and this server has the SIP schema so I can  add SIP URI to my users and successfully import them to my AD phonebook.  I created a new clean domain and I created only the attribute for SIP  URI and mapped this to the user class in AD. I filled the address in for  the user "Magnus Ohm".

A  bit of a warning here: I would not recommend to mess around with the  attributes, I have left out the details on how to do this for now, let  me know if you are interested. I am just showing that it is actually  possible to add a SIP address attribute in AD and import the users SIP  address to TMS AD phonebook.

According to a wireshark trace and after decrypting the communication i found the attribute TMS is looking for. 

This  attribute is automatically (and safely) added to your Schemas in AD  along with several others if Lync is setup which also opens for the  import of SIP addresses from users in AD.

I don't know  if you can directly just add the schemas (which I think is located on  the Lync installation media). This is not supported by TAC nor Cisco  though (and probably not microsoft either).

Maybe you can consult Microsoft on this subject on how to get this attribute added any other way?


Great work here Magnus

I'm not sure if my company would allow to mess around with AD... but it's still a valuable resource!

I'll discuss this internally and see (i'm well aware of the fact that this is a work around and it's not officially supported).

On the other hand: do you have any details in how a "Polycom GMS\Ldpa" phonebook source is supposed to work?


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