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TMS 14.2 Event Notifications

Hello, we recently upgraded to TMS 14.2 and I was wondering besides Email notifications is there anything else that it can do to alert us?  We have no SMTP server on our network, and even public ones like gmail etc are blocked.  I would love to be able to get a pop-up notification or audio alert or something for when our VCS's go offline or we lose connectivity with an endpoint.

Jens Didriksen

TMS will issue and display error/warnings ticket for these kinds of issues if configured to do so, so the only other way apart from e-mail notification would be to either keep TMS portal open or keep the ticketing service page open. That way you'll at least get a visual alert.


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There is no way to receive notification via TMS except via email. If you want to be aware of the status of your systems, you will have to monitor TMS alert page, as Jens suggested.

Well, anyway, major endpoints support SNMP protocol, so you can use some kind of SNMP server application on your computer to monitor the status of the systems. It is the only workaround I can think.


Paulo Souza

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Have a question regarding TMS 14.2 if you can help...

Is it mandatory to configure SMTP info under Provisioning Extension Settings even if you not using TMS provisioning - Jabber AD integration to send out client info from TMS?

If it's not mandatory to configure the SMTP info in TMSPE settings. Is there a way to suppress the error message displaying on TMS?

have you tried to define a dummy smtp address?

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