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Paul Woelfel

TMS 14.2 Smart Scheduler Phonebooks


with the new Smart Scheduler with TMS 14.2 you have the option to add telepresence rooms. Is it somehow possible to also include the phonebooks in the search?

We want to add Jabber Clients or external Video Conference Systems to the conference and it is not possible to add entries from the phonebook or even custom URIs.

Regards, Paul

Hi everbody,

I also think that the possibilty to record a conference should be implemented. The old scheduler allows you to select "Recording" and after that you could select the URI you want from the TCS. This option is also not given in the Smart Scheduler.

Regards, Daniel

I agree with everyone on this thread.

I have had customers complaining about the missing features and most customer have rolled back to earlier versions as the new SMART scheduler is deemed to be a step backwards as already mentioned.

I couldnt view the Bug ID - do we have an ETA for these features being re-introduced?

A big +1 from me on all these ideas.  Our clients are really hating the new "not so" SMART Scheduler.  We've got some going back to the old TMS booking interface, but they'd prever the look and feel of the old scheduler, or the ability for the new scheduler to support Phonebooks, External endpoints (ie, one-off ISDN Numbers), and the ability to Record.



Please remember to rate responses and to mark your question as answered if appropriate.

Please remember to rate responses and to mark your question as answered if appropriate.
Tan Do Nhat

Hi guys, I'm wondering is there any solution to this problem?

It's 2016 already and my system is using TMSPE 1.5 and TMS 15.2 and users still can't search phone book from the Smart scheduler. I read in a guide somewhere that I can assign the phone book to a provisioned user. I did it but still can't search contacts in the phone book on Smart scheduler, only registered endpoints appear

There's a bug here CSCug76084 it's last updated in Jan16 but I can't find any resolution there

Hello Tan, Smart Scheduler is still unable to utilize TMS phone books, currently you can only add either TMS managed/unmanaged endpoints and/or TMSPE users with Smart Scheduler.  If you're looking for TMSPE to support phone books, you should contact your Account Manager with the enhancement ID, they can bring it up to the BU for consideration.

Well that's a shame. And I think it's a bigger shame when they require license for unmanaged endpoints in TMS. It's UNMANAGED for god's sake!

Thanks for your info anyway

I agree, but it is what it is.

Since you brought up unmanaged endpoints, I did forget that Smart Scheduler can schedule these as well, and have edited by previous reply to reflect this.

Yes I wouldn't mind it if I could use the unmanaged endpoints as a workaround, but the licensing issue has spoiled it again

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