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TMS Address Book SIP Only


We are setting up a new TMS Phone Book to push down to our endpoints. So far, the phone book is working, and is updated as we add new devices and it all seems to be working fine.  The question is, can we somehow filter the phonebook to only display the SIP URI of each endpoint?  We don't have the endpoints registered via H.323, but the phonebook shows IP and SIP dial methods.  We only wish to show the SIP dial method.

I looked around the forums as well as TMS documentation, but couldn't find a method of filtering the phonebooks.

Any help is appreciated.



Cisco Employee


If you go to the system in systems navigator and if you click on settings --> edit settings on the system. Scroll down to the bottom you will see a list of permissions: "Allow incoming IP dialing, Allow outgoing SIP / H323 etc.."

Remove the permissions to dial IP and H323 for all the systems in TMS.

If you have set "Routed phonebook" to "Yes" in General settings in TMS the endpoints not allowed to dial IP and H323 should now not get an option to dial IP and H323 addresses. (If I remember correctly)



Thanks Magnus,

I thought about that, but I want to be able to dial via IP should an outside party not support SIP/H.323.  I just want our phone book to only show SIP.  If it's not possible, I will go that route, but I'd rather not have to.


Hi Mark,

you are still able to dial via IP - even if you turn off the setting in TMS. This setting just "tells" TMS that this endpoint is not able to dial via IP and hence will not receive IP Addresses in Phonebooks and you are not able to schedule this endpoint in TMS to make a direct IP call.




Its correct what Alex is saying here.



Either I'm missing something, or it's not working as expected.  I have unchecked the option to allow incoming/outgoing calls via H323 and IP Address, leaving only SIP URI, and after pushing the address book down, the options still remain.  I checked, and the Routed Phone Book option is set to yes.  I also have the "Cisco System Phone Books" option set to "Use centralized TMS phone books only"

Thanks for your help so far.



It might be handy to mention which endpoint type and software versions (tms/endpoint) you use.

Like MXP systems seem cache some info, so if a strange phone book value shows up, its always worth

rebooting the endpoint first.

Besides that, is the endpoint registered to a vcs which is also managed by the TMS?

Also the routed phonebook option has an impact here like Magnus said.

Btw, the phonebooks are not "pushed" to the endpoint. Each time the endpoint requests the phonebook

via a http request.

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Please remember to rate helpful responses and identify


Thanks Martin,

I have a variety of endpoints that I am working with.  I have an SX20, a C40, two Edge 95s, a 1000MXP as well as a 3000MXP.  All of these devices, including the VCS-C and VCS-E are registered in the TMS.  All systems are up to the latest versions as of about 2 weeks ago as we recently implemented most of the systems with the exception of the older endpoints.  Previously they were stand alone endpoints directly connected to the internet with no SIP or H.323 dialing capabilities.  The VCS and TMS as well as the SX20 and C40 are all newly installed.

I tried rebooting the endpoints hoping that would have some affect, but thus far it hasn't.  I haven't been able to reboot every device since the two new units are in use pretty much all day every day since they are in our big conference room.

If there is any other guidance, I am all ears.

Thanks again,



Hi Mark,

You probably have already figured this out, but one alternative would be to create a manual phone book source.  You could do a one time import from another Source (such as Cisco TMS endpoints) and then edit out the undesired contact methods.  Or just manually put the entries in if there aren't a lot of endpoints being managed by TMS.  Alternately, you could create a phone book source from a comma separated values (CSV) text file.  The TMS help file has the instructions and parameters on how to do this.

I hope that helps.


Should also note that, as well as providing an endpoint what address types it can dial in/out when being presented with the phonebook, the allow booking settings in TMS also affects scheduled TMS conferences as well, limiting TMS to schedule those particular endpoints with whatever protocols you have selected.

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