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TMS and Call Reporting


We have a customer who have currently some Polycom VSX endpoints and RMX2000 MCU. They need to know how long calls made in a month? They tried to do that with Polycom CMA but they have a problem. (The problem might be about the version of the CMA). With CMA, they can get the information as summary. The problem is like following: Let's say we have 3 endpoints called A,B and C. And they make a videoconference between all of them for one hour. Polycom CMA collects the CDR from the endpoints and shows that as if 3 hours conference took place in total. Actually they make 1 hour conference between 3 endpoints. So it gives a wrong information.

Anyway, the customer asks me to offer a software solution. Can we do that with TMS?  Do we need TMSAE option? Do we need to add a VCS to the solution?

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Garvan Long

TMS does something similar for endpoint reporting. For example a point to point call will be shown in the records as a 1 hour inbound call to one device and a one hour outbound call to another device. The fact the you run RMX that is not supported by TMS would result in all calls showing as point to point to/from a unknow device.

I dont believe the extenstion in TMSAE would provide any additional benifit.

If you added a VCS registering all endpoits to it  and managed the VCS only from a CDR point of view you would get call recors but you would still have a record of 3 calls of 1 hour for each call of the 3 part conference.

It may be that you have to take the flat file and do some scripting to match on date and time and destination or source alias depending on if the MCU dail out or endpoint dial the MCU and devide the total duration by the number or rows that match both date and time and destination/source alias

Thanks. Do you know any software which can do that?

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