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Timothy Woods

TMS Appliance Upgrade From 12.6 to 13.2

I have a TMS appliance. My question: is upgrading TMS directly from 12.6 to 13.2.1 prohibited? I have not done this specific version jump......but I did not find documentation that prohibits it (my apologies if I missed it). However, a fellow field person mentioned upgrading to 12.6.2 first then upgrading to 13.2.1. Any feedback would be very helpful (obviously a direct upgrade is preferable over having to jump from A to B to C).

Fyi, I am running agents. I plan to switch to TMSPE at some point in the very near future ((VCSC is already running X7.1))

Cisco Employee

Hi Timothy,

First , upgrade it to 12.6.2 and then upgarde it 13.2.x

Before upgrading disable the replication, once final upgarde to 13.2.x is finished you can enable the replication.



Sagar: could you give a reference where this upgrade path is stated and why it is not found in the official documentation?

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Hi Martin,

Upgrading directly should not cause any issue.

However its our personal experience as we have faces some challenges with direct upgarde.

So upgrading to 12.6.1 first and then to 13.2.x is personal suggestion to avoid complications  and unneccessy steps like reverting and restoration..


What always looks like a good procedure is to disable replication and reboot the vcs.

Could you specify the trouble to run into and (besides the in between upgrade step) to prevent these?

btw, first you wrote 12.6.2 and now 12.6.1

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Most common case is upgrade failure.

It should be 12.6.2, it was typo in my previous comment

Martin Koch


Did you look at:

See page 14:

Version-specific notes Versions prior to 13.0

If upgrading from a version prior to 13.0, note that:
* NETFrameworkrequirementshavechangedfrom3.5to4.0.

* TheCiscoVCSrequirementforprovisioninghaschangedtoversionX5.2orlater.

So i do not see an issue. Also did not find any kind of field notice stopping you from doing as you plan.

Anyhow, make sure that you have

* mssql backup!

* opends backup!

* system backup

* .net4 installed

* windows updates in place

* TMS13 release key

* enough disk space (at least the appliances I had seen all had some drive c: space issues on the 15gb partition, ...)

* red the upgrade info and understood the tasks

With the backup you could anyhow always revert if you run into trouble, its just restoring the TMS

database and install the old TMS version again and you are up and running again.

Good success

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Timothy Woods

Thanks for the repsonses.

Sagar, that is also what my colleague(s) had mentioned. They found stepping it to 12.6.2 then to 13.x was best. However, since I could find no documnetation that prohibited it (as Martin mentioned) I was looking for experience from people like you :-)

Martin, thank you very much for the added info. Fyi, I actually have had good luck with the TMS upgrades to 13.Xs (knock on wood) and certainly prefer to go direct whenever possible. Fortunately it has all been 12.6.2 to 13.X jumps. A flat 12.6 is the new twist for me. If I decide to try the direct 12.6 to 13.2.1 upgrade, I will send you the info on any trouble I encounter (if I encounter any).

Concur with Martin...and other than what he (and the documentation) mentions...there shouldn't be any issues upgrading from 12.6 to 13.2.1 (latest and greatest).

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