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Peter Anders

TMS Call reporting

I am completing monthly call reports for clients however I can only see the CDR for their endpoints. and not the calls that the Jabber client complete

What is the best way of completing a call report that will include the endpoints and also the Jabber accounts 

Magnus Ohm
Cisco Employee

Jabber call records are coming from the vcs.

What TMS version, VCS version, provisioning method (TMSAgent, TMSPE?) are you using?

First verify that the vcs is able to deliver CDRs to TMS. It could also be an issue with the cdr resolver task in the database which requires an sql query but basics first..


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Jens Didriksen

JabberVideo usage can be found under "User CDR", see below:

You can't combine this with end-points/mcu usage in one report from within TMS, so I guess you'll have to export two separate reports, one for end-points and one for JabberVideo.

Not sure if you can achieve what you're looking for with the Analytics extension; see end of table 1;

"Customized Reporting and Analysis":


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Please rate replies and mark question(s) as "answered" if applicable.
Peter Anders

I am currently using the latest software versions for all of the VCS and TMS and I am using the TMSPE.

When I go to the USer CDR I am not getting any data

Mangus -

I'm interested as well, and wanted to let you know I get the same results as Peter.

TMS 14.3.1


VCS 7.2.2

Update: I finally got CDRs to appear, but I had to go back almost to the start of this year, which I shouldn't have to do since we have Jabber Video users atleast once or twice a week.  I also checked some of other the CDR report types which all give me results, except Content Server CDRs unless I search back to the start of this year.

Peter -

Have you tried to search back several years and see what you might get, even if you haven't been using TMSPE for that long, you might get results.

If you search way back you only get CDR´s from that time and its not recent. If you look at the VCS CDR´s (trap log) when you make a jabber call. Do you see the call in the trap log? If yes, then its most likely the TASK in the db not working properly. Can you check this?


I would also check that the external manager state is actually showing as active: vcs > system > external manager


Please rate replies and mark question(s) as "answered" if applicable.

Please rate replies and mark question(s) as "answered" if applicable.

Be sure the TMS services are started, noteably the TMSSnmpService. this was a very useful doc

Troubleshooting Guide for TelePresence Management Suite (TMS) for Video Conferencing


Paul Olson wrote:

Be sure the TMS services are started, noteably the TMSSnmpService. [...]

TMSSnmpService is only used for getting CDRs from some very old endpoints, such as TANDBERG Classic. In a modern deployment, there are two mechanisms for creating CDRs:

  • TMSDatabaseScannerService connecting to TelePresence MCUs and TelePresence Servers to fetch CDRs using the bridges' APIs, and
  • Endpoints and VCSs posting feedback events to IIS's /tms/public/ web site.




Thanks for extra details. I was particularily talking about the User CDR. The report was empty until I started the service. I actually started a ticket with Cisco support and they continually pointed me to a bug in the VCS software and suggested I upgrade. never did they suggest it was a stopped service. and I'm to new with this hardware to know any better without Cisco documentation or the people who post in this forum.

I'm happy a simple service start fixed the issue I was having and allowed for me to see the usage of the Movi client on our network.


HI ,

Can some one help me  on the  API to get the CDR details for the TMS?

So What is API to use for TMS CDR details collection?



I'm experiencing a similar issue, but with mine, only some of my user CDRs are appearing - not all.  I have one user that shows no usage at all during December, but the event log in the VCS shows about a dozen.  Do you think restarting the database server on TMS will help, or is something else going on here.

Hi Darren,

Can you share that API, how are you pulling even that partail data?



I simply used TMS --> reporting --> User CDRs and searched for all of December.  Then I checked the VCS Control Event logs and searched for the users name.  She participated in several calls during December that did not show up in the TMS report.


User CDRs are only generated for outgoing calls, see documentation defect CSCum10427. Could that explain the




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