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TMS Conference Booking Notification

Would like some community input on the easiest solution to the following. With regard to conference booking notification, we want the designated email recipient address of the MCU support team to receive a notification by default, no matter which system(s) are booked. This would be in addition to the conference owner/scheduler receiving their notification. This would be preferable at the conference level, as opposed to the system level.

An example scenario:

UserA books three registered local endpoints into a conference. UserA and any recipient they manually enter into into the Conference Information tab/Email section will receive notifications. The MCU support team, which has an Outlook distribution list established, also needs to receive notification automatically. Total details of the confirmation are not required, just notification that a conference has been booked and enough info for them to locate it in TMS.

One idea that came up is to use Event Notification Manager. We could add the distro list as a user, edit its Event Notifications to send an Event Notification for a Scheduling Type Event against All Systems. But would that not indicate that three emails would be received in the example given above? Again, just a single notification that a conference has been booked via TMS is the desired end result.

Taking this a step further, what of conference modifications/cancellations?


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TMS Conference Booking Notification

One method besides the Event Notification Manager, would be to go into your MCU within TMS and set the System Contact to a user that is configured with the DL email address, and set Alert System Contat when Booked to Yes.  However I just tried this, and it didn't work for me, perhaps TMS doesn't like DLs?


TMS Conference Booking Notification

That may work but I would have to jump through many hoops to get access to all of client's MCUs and configure accordingly. Think I found the best solution by adding our support team's distribution list email address to the Event Notification section of TMS' network settings tab. The only drawback I foresee is getting notifications other than booking confirmations, i.e. system downspeed, etc. At least we will get just one notification per booking, as opposed to one notification per booking plus one notification for each booked endpoint if we went through the Event Notification Manager route.

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