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TMS doubts / CMM / MX300 / SX80 Endpoints for dummys

Hi everybody,

i am installing and using TMS for the first time , its working , but i have some doubts and i need to learn more about TMS and im counting with your advices for that:

My topology is TMS  - CMS - CUCM (HCS) - EXP's - Lync Integration also - CMM  -MX300 - SX80

1-Is better use provisioning in CUCM or TMS ?

2-Can i add participant , schedulle a conference with or without MCU using DTMF  ,like i need to call an IVR like MCU CODIAN press keys to enter conference number ad pin ?

3-Im able to schedulle calls to internal vc's without MCU (CMS) but when i schedulle using TMS > Administrative Tools > Configuration > Conference Settings > external mcu usage in routing = always    , external call never works , is like CMS cant dial external number ???   I see i can use a participant template , but i dont understand very well.

4-Im trying to use tms in combination with cmm becouse it looks easy to manage conference in CMM , for that i use external mcu usage in routing = always . Any advice?

5-Im very confuse about tms phonebook ? any good document?

6- Any way to turn off  remottly do not disturb in MX300 ?

7-When i add participants external or internal in a schedulling meeting  , i call from codec or mcu?

8-How and why use dial in participants ?

9-AD HOC booking dont work if i choose again external mcu . Why

10-I am using one button to push , this way i dont need auto answer in codecs, correct?

Any other videos, documents or advices are welcome. User interface and guide for schedulling. In future i need also to integrate with Exchange - TMS XE , correct?

Best Regards



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Re: TMS doubts / CMM / MX300 / SX80 Endpoints for dummys

Someone can help on previous post?

Best Regards

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