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Michael Boscia

TMS email failures - what logfile and where do i find it?

So I think I have configured the e-mail connectivity correctly.

I've populated Admin Tools > Configuration > E-mail settings.

I've added addresses to Admin Tools >Network Settings > Event Notification >

Email Addresses to Receive System and Network Notifications.

I purposely scheduled a backup event that I know would fail, but I didn't get the e-mail as expected.

What log file do I look at to check what sort of errors were generated?


Hello Michael -

TMS should send a test email to whatever emails addresses you specify in network settings of TMS.  What happens after you put in the email address in Event  Notification, then go back to Email Settings and hit save, do you recieve the test email that TMS sends?

You could try to search your email server logs and see if mail is getting routed, or check any antivirus installed on the TMS server for email settings.  I've seen some cases where the email server wasn't relaying mail, and antivirus blocking it as well from being sent.

Interesting, I didn't know that it sent a test e-mail.

This is for a customer of mine where I'm not in the same e-mail domain, so maybe they're getting the alerts/notifications and I am not.

I'll check with the end-customer and let you know what I find.

Thanks for the insight into that, I appreciate it.

Yeah, at the top of the page after I hit save, I get this message:

Settings Saved. For  verification an e-mail will be sent to the e-mail addresses configured in the  'E-mail Addresses to Receive System and Network Notifications' field in the  Network Settings page

..and a test email in the inbox of the address I put in:

Successfully updated TMS e-mailsettings

The e-mail settings in TMS have been successfully updated.

Kjetil Ree
Cisco Employee


My experience is that Wireshark is the best troubleshooting tool when TMS does not send emails as expected. The communication to the SMTP server is unencrypted, so you'll easily see if TMS initiates requests and how the mail server responds.


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