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TMS EMAIL Template Not Updating

Upon changing an email template wihtin TMS, the changes dispalyed in the preview window do not show up on  the actual email sent by TMS to the user.  The template being edited is the Edit Booking Confirm - TXT.

We have tried editing on TMS SW 13.2....13.2.1 and as far back as 12.6.  Is there any other steps that need to be taken in order for the email to resemevble the changes made???



Magnus Ohm
Cisco Employee

Hi Matt

On the tms email settings are you sure tms is using the txt template? Since by default its using html. Do you see the same issue editing the html template?

This works for me at least on the latest version 13.2.1.


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Yes i have set tms to use plain text under email settings to ensure it delievres the Text template.  It just seems that the upon making the chnages and confirming in the preview window...that TMS does not update the email to reflect teh changes.  So you know, i have tested  this on about 4 TMS boxes as of now, and all are doing the same thing.

and yes, i am editing the text template. ...incase i did not state that above.


Hi Matt,

Assuming you are using English as langage, try to select English UK instead of US or vice versa. I remember having seen this issue before.

Also, it is important to ask, Are you then booking directly within TMS or booking using the TMSXE or the Lotus Notes Integration as the email templates used by these tools are different.

In most cases if you revert to the default and rebuit your template and then restart the TMS Scheduler service your changes are captured.  But again it depends on where you are booking the meeting.

Booking through integration with XE or LN.   I will say further troubleshooting showed the template updating in email when the Template filed was edited. But it was almost by accidnet that this worked.  So i am confused on where the updating takes place.  Template, phrase file or both?

Would their be a need to restart the scheduling service everytime we make edits?  Would this trigger something?

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