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TMS Extension for Exchange

Justin Lewis

Is there any update as to when a new version of the Exchange extension will be released that supports Exchange 2010? I am having trouble finding any information on this product on Ciscos site.


Nick Halbert-Lillyman

I am also very interested in this - we are currently unable to upgrade our Exchange environment due to TMS.


same here. Additionally I´m interested in how the new Exchange extension will connect to Exchange, as we are not allowed to install anything on Exchange Server.

The next version the TMS Exchange integration software (TMSXE 3.0) is currently scheduled to be released sometime in January 2012.  This is an approximation dependent on QA testing which is ongoing currently.  When it is released it will be installed on a separate Windows 2008 server OS and can be configured to communicate to the Exchange server via Http or Https and will utilized the EWS technology in Exchange 2007 and 2010.

We are very limited in what information can be provided at this time as some additional features may be added or taken away depending on QA testing and the approaching deadline. 

When the product is release it will be very important that you read all of the documentation as there will be some significant changes to deploying the new application. 

Please feel free to contact me with any additional questions.

thank you. EWS sounds good.

Does the current version TMSXE work with Exchange 2010?

No it does not

Tim Walker


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Thank you Tim.

Any update on when we might see this new version?

Pending any last minute issues, the public release of TMSXE 3.0 should be on or around the beginning of February

Hi Dale,

will it be possible to install it on the same machine with TMS?



Those details will be in the install documenation when it's released, but it definitely won't be installed to the Exchange server as the former product was, aka TMSXE 2.3 and earler 

Does anyone know whether this product will be backward compatible with other versions of Exchange (namely 2003/2007) or will it just support 2010  via EWS?. I need to make a decision on whether forge ahead with version 2.3.1 or wait for 3.0 now and no documentation is available - or PDI assistance from Cisco. I can ask the our local reps but if anyone knows the answer it would be appreciated.



TMSXE 3.0 will support (with no guarantees due to possible last minute changes):

Exchange 2010 SP1

Exchange 2007 SP3

2003 Is not supported, this was not supported in TMSXE 2.3.1 either.

Clients will be Outlook 2007 SP2, 2010

TMSXE needs to be installed on windows server 2k8 or 2k8 R2.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for the reply Magnus - most helpful. I have been told the FCS date is Feb this still accurate?

In reference to E2K3 support under TMSXE 2.3 ...are you sure this is not supported? The Installation guide (dated June 2011) on page 5 mentions E2K3 support with SP2.

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