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TMS migrate from 13.1 to 14.1 on new server

Recently migrated a user from a 13.1 VM server to a new beefier 14.1.1 VM server but the licensing did not

get readded and they are running in "TRIAL" mode.

What do I need to get the licenses moved?



Heelo Richard,

You need to find out with licensing if your licenses are indeed moved over to the new box. If you provide them the serial number for new box they should be able to look it up for you.

I hope this helps !!!




Hi Richard, Did you manage to get the TMS 14.x upgrade release keys prior upgrade from Cisco licensing team for your existing TMS 13.x serial number ? If yes, then you can simply enter the new release key first in TMS > Admin settings > General settings page and save. Then you can add the option keys as well in the same page.


BR, Mahesh Adithiyha

Magnus Ohm
Cisco Employee

Hi the licenses are in the database, so if you had a functional TMS 13.1 server you would transfer the database (or connect to the database with the 14.x installer if the sql is external) and then upgrade the database from the new server (14.x). This would have required you to type in the new release key to do the upgrade but you would have kept your optins keys etc and endpoints and everything you had in the other server on TMS 13.1.

As I understand you have only installed a new TMS application with a separate database on the new server? Did I misunderstand you?


I think the problem is that I can not find what the serial number is on the new VM server so that I can get the correct license keys.

Where would I get that number to then replace the S/N?   OR can I just put in the original S/N?

Hi Richard, can you send me your old TMS server serial number in private message. I will check the details and share inputs.

BR, Mahesh Adithiyha

Thanks for the offer.

Finally got someone in Licensing to understand what was needed.  Got the new license key created and things are working fine now.

Hi Richard, glad to hear the TMS licensing problem is resolved.

BR,Mahesh Adithiyha

Magnus Ohm
Cisco Employee

The serial number will be populated once you punch in the rekease key.

The serial number to get a 14.x license should be listed on your 13.1 TMS application. The database on 13.1 contains all your info which is why that database should have been moved over and upgraded as well. You need a valid contract for the serial number you already have to get a 14.x release key. Open a case with licensing in cisco to get the keys. Once you have the key (which starts with the serial number) you can punch it in under general settings (field: release key).

But i still would have uninstalled 14.x transferred the 13.1 database to the new server, get the 14.x release key and installed 14.x on the new server again and upgrade the database so you dobt have to start from scratch. That is a real migration.


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