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TMS not sending meeting confirmations (TMSXE, WXeTP environment)

We have TMS (14.4.2), VCS C and E (8.2.1), TMSXE (4.03) all connected and working in a webex enabled telepresence environment. Exchange is 2007. When a user books a meeting in outlook they get confirmation from the exchange that the telepresence rooms are available, but they do not get the confirmation from TMS. In TMS the meeting is booked correctly and will launch properly, but the organizer does not get an email back from TMS that confirms the meetings.


We have changed the email address in TMSXE to an address that the TMSXE service account has send on behalf of and it was not different than using the TMSXE service account. If a meeting is booked on TMS directly the confirmation email from TMSXE service account works fine.


I have a tac open, but we are both struggling to find a solution. Looking for some guidance. Any help is appreciated.

Tommer Catlin

Mr. Payne -


I start by hunting around between TMS and Exchange and something with permissions.  There should be some sort of account from TMS that allows Exchange to "send as" the person submitting the meeting.  Since the meeting launches correctly, it has nothing to do with TMS or the endpoint, etc.  Its strictly between TMS and Exchange, more so in security of the accounts that allows the email to be sent by TMS as the person whom is scheduling the meeting.  Id pull log files in TMS looking for authentication issues to Exchange or in the Exchange 2007 event logs something from TMS IP address getting rejected.   I cant recall if SMTP relay is involved, but this is a known issue with Exchange to block IPs from unknown sources be default.   Have the Exchange admin allow SMTP relaying from TMS IP and maybe it will send the email out then.



Mr. Catlin

Tommer -

thanks for the note. After further testing here are the results. When a meeting is setup using just TMS (no productivity tools or the web scheduler), the meeting host gets a confirmation as expected. When the web scheduler is used the meeting host also gets a confirmation as expected. If the meeting is setup using just outlook (without productivity tools installed) and invites the rooms and the webexmeeting inbox - the meeting host gets the confirmation as expected. The only time the meeting host does not get the confirmation is if the meeting host has webex productivity tools installed and creates the invite from outlook (whether by email address or clicking on the add rooms button, and the check box for webex or the webexmeeting inbox).

Any thoughts?

It sounds like a TMSXE problem or workstation to me.  Id also make sure the email account, Outlook/workstation account you are using can reproduce the problem on a different machine.  There could something fishing with the local Windows machine such as firewall issues, etc.

The behavior is consistent across all machines. TAC thinks it may be a bug - am waiting to hear back. They have more than once case with this.

hello i am running into this issue as well now.  did you get a bug ID you can share, or even better a work around?  thanks!

I have a tac case open - please open one as well. it is at the BU. They are arguing that this is normal - and I am letting them know that its not. Also - check if you can get a reply when you book a meeting with recurrence.



Did you have an update on this?

Hi ,

I am also getting same issue any update.

when i am booking meeting from outlook not geeting any confirmation mail
but when i am booking from tms i am getting confirmation mail

please update how to resolve this issue




Port used by Cisco TMS for SMTP is 25 in out direction. check is this port blocked in the network and by firewall.

Bekzod Fakhriddinov

did u guys resolved this issue and how ?

thank you 

Hi there,


I also have this Problem with TMSXE. Do you also have an idea to Sent out calling information to all User?


and for room sign do you know a product to work with TMS for booking panel in front of room?

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