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Alvaro Rugama

TMS not showing Service Preference from Telepresence Server (Using TPConductor)

Hi everyone


Hope you can help me with an issue I'm having implementing a Telepresence solution using Cisco UCS.


We already configure the TMS, Telepresence Server and Telepresence Conductor (all of them on virtual machines using Cisco UCS) using this guide.


We are facing issues when creating a conference alias. We configure the Alias on the Telepresence Conductor (Cisco Support tell us that Telepresence Server using virtual machines are only manage by the conductor), also we create the Service Preference.


But when we create the alias on the TMS, the Service Preference that we create on the conductor are not shown. We don't know why, or what we need to do to achieve this.


Someone can help us with this? we reinstall all over again and same issue.


Best Regards


Alvaro Rugama


Because you referenced the TMS 14.6 and Conductor XC3.0 deployment guide, that you're also using TelePresence Server 4.1 and those are your software versions.

Can you provide a screenshot of what you're seeing, or not seeing to best understand the issue?

Have you configured Conductor and the TPS to work together, configuring everything on the Conductor per the appropriate configuration guides linked here for your type of environment (CUCM or VCS)?  Making sure you have configured the following:

  • Service Preference
  • Service Preference marked for scheduling
  • Conference Bridge Pool
  • Conference Template
  • Conference Alias

I believe the service preference doesn't appear in TMS until you add the alias, and the service preference the alias uses in Conductor is marked for scheduling, however I can't check this at the moment to verify.  Make sure the alias you're inserting into TMS is exactly the same on Conductor, as they have to match.

Hi Patrick


Thank you for the information. We found the error. It was a problem when entering the Alias information on the TMS.


We weren't using the right regular expression.


Now we had a problem registering our SX20 to the gatekeeper using SIP, we already registered them using H.323.


On the log (of the gatekeeper) we had an authentication failure message, we reenter the username information and create a new user, but none of them work, same error message.


Best Regards


Alvaro Rugama

Would be best to create a new discussion for the VCS issue, please include any software versions, error messages, and explain in detail how's it configured at the moment. 

Can you give more detail on the regex problem, I am having the same issue but have not been able to work it out.

I was actually facing this same issue yesterday, and even though the Conductor's regex alias and the alias I was inputting into TMS were formatted the same.  I was using a variable in my TMS alias, and the variable starting number was too large and didn't match the regex alias by two numbers, which caused the two aliases to not match.

What is your Conductor regex alias?

What is your TMS alias, and Conductor's "Numeric ID Base"?

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