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jarrod sousa

TMS OBTP meeting start time

Hello, is there any way to get TMS to allow endpoints to dial into a bridge prior to the meeting start time when setting the connection method to "One Button to Push"?  this was allowed in CTS Manager and is what our endusers are used to.  we recently migrated to TMS and now we are unable to launch the call until the exact start time of the meeting.  i tred using the setup buffer in the TMS conference settings page, but that just delay's the video call by whatever the buffer value is (i.e. if setup buffer is 10 min, and start time of the calender event is 0900, then the video call starts at 0910).

we are using TMSXE 3.0.2 as well to allow users to schedule via outlook, but without the TMSXE form.

thanks for your help!

Kjetil Ree
Cisco Employee


Setup and tear down buffers are not supported when booking through the Cisco TMS Booking API, so they cannot be used when booking from TMSXE / Outlook (as these use the API). I don't think what you ask for is possible at the moment.

If support for setup and tear down buffers through the Booking API is an important feature to you or your customer, please contact Cisco through more official channels, and refer to feature request CSCua02776.



Hi, I have the exact same problem with TMS 14.2.1, TMSxe 3.1 and CTS1.9.1.

This is quite a major problem for the client when migrating from CTS-Man to TMS.

The issue is the users walk into the room a few minutes early for a scheduled meeting and the OBTP dial midlet on the phone lets them dial, the call then fails because the meeting is not yet registered with the VCS as it is not time for the meeting to start yet. The users then think it's not working and leave the room and log an incident with the internal support staff.

When is this being fixed ? as it is a real problem for many clients moving from CTS-Man scheduling to TMS shceduling.


Regs Mark.

Hi Mark,

This is a problem that has to be solved on the CTS side. As of TMS 14.3, TMS sends all the necessary data to the CTS endpoints, and the CTS must then prevent the user from dialing in too early. Some months ago, I was told that this was in the process of being implemented in CTS software, and that they aimed for software releases TX 6.0.2 and CTS 1.10.1. But I'm not sure what the currect status of that feature is.



Hi Kjetil,

Thanks for your prompt reply, Yes, it was my assumption that it's the CTS code, as the CTS-man/CTMS will allow you to dial in 10 minutes early without a problem. TMS has the strict start time. I think the OBTP on the IP-Phone/Touch just needs to say "The meeting is outside the start window 15:00 - 16:00. The meeting cannot be started. Try again at schedulded start time", and just not dial.

Any Idea of the timeframe we are looking at ?


Regs Mark.



Any Idea of the timeframe we are looking at ?

I'm afraid not, as I don't follow the CTS/TX software development process that closely.


Tim Kratzke
Cisco Employee

Hi Mark,

I can confirm that this issue is resolved with a combination of TMS 14.3 and TX 6.0.3 (I believe 6.0.2 and the latest version of 1.10 as well but I have tested with 6.0.3).  Once TMS 14.3 is released you will need to upgrade along with the CTS if you have not already (6.0.3 is already available).  Once the endpoint is added into TMS, you will need to wait for the refresh period or manually update by going to Administrative Tools -> Network Settings -> TMS Services -> Enforce Management Settings on Systems -> Enforce Now.  After applying, the correct setup buffer time (including 0) should be treated properly by the CTS.

- Tim Kratzke

Fantastic, thank you for your reply.

This is a huge hole in productivity for us. The whole point of using the TMSXE integration is to get users away from having to do anything special to book video conference resources. Cisco, is there a roadmap item for resolving this inconsistency? This leaves us no time to get a meeting setup before the scheduled start time.

Hi Christopher,

One of our customers had exactly the same issue with TMS and the start time for the scheduled conferences. To workarond this issue, customer has decided to implement some kind of "Scheduling policy". All user must to schedule the conference considering the start time with 30 minutes in advance. For example, if a meeting is supposed to start 10:00h, they schedule the conference with start time setup to 09:30.

In the beginning, I do confess the that users were not happy with this situation, however, in a few days, they became used to schedule the conference this way, and now this is a standard that reaches all the company.

Maybe this can be helpfull for you as well.


Paulo Souza

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Paulo Souza Was my response helpful? Please rate useful replies and remember to mark any solved questions as "answered".

The problem with that is then everyone invited to the meeting thinks the meeting starts at 9:30, b/c its on the calendar at 9:30....The technology should adapt to fit our business processes not the other way around. I can't believe this hasn't been addressed yet...

Hi Christopher,

Changes to how this currently works is being planned, see for example the TMS 14.3.2 Release Notes page 48 ("Setup and teardown buffers will be replaced by dynamic scheduling options in a future release.").

I cannot be specific about an unreleased feature in a public web forum, but you might get more information if you contact Cisco through more official channels (your account manager, a collaboration sales engineer, or similar).

Best regards,



There is an option in Administrative Tools Configuration Conference Settings ---> Allow Participants to join 5 Minutes early 

This config activate the meeting 5 mins before the scheduled start time & user can join the meeting using OBTP 5 mins before.


 Let me know if this is helpful

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