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TMS Phonebook source - Active Directory Question

Good day TP guys,

I have setup a bunch of TMS phonesbooks in the past, but the one I have never done has been a phonebook source, imported from Active Directory.

Below are the config settings to enabling the AD connection for the phonebook source.


My question is: Is there a way to map the ‘telephone’ ldap field, to perhaps h323 as it is imported into TMS, so that when I use the phonebook source, each user will have their name, and their phone number as an h323 number?

If that is not possible, can you use that custom ldap filter, and search for a field in AD called ‘H323’, and I just get the ADS guys to make a new field to all their users, calling it H323, and import users with that?

Thanks again guys for your help ahead of time.


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TMS Phonebook source - Active Directory Question

Hi Darren,

I don't think it's possible to map the "phone number" from AD as an H.323 number in a TMS phone book.


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TMS Phonebook source - Active Directory Question


I decided to do some tests on this, and I do not if this is what you want and there are most likely som limitations on this as kjetil is saying.

But I have a C60 with the E164 alias of 888445 for example and lets assume this belongs to a user "Magnus Ohm" which happens to be in AD and is also using jabber.

My jabber address is

My C60 address is 888445

So in my AD i have it configured like this in my user profile:

Obviously my sip address will be in the provisioning source and I create an AD source which imports the telephone number.

I give access to my movi users to use this phonebook so when I search for Magnus in my phonebook now

If I dial the 888445 number I I will reach my C60 using SIP <-> H323 interworking.

I don't know if this is what you want to achieve here but I can use the telephone number from an AD PB source to reach an H323 endpoint.


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