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Nick Boylan

TMS replication issue

I have an odd issue with Enable TMS Agent Data Replication on a VCS. I have noted that these VCS replication agents had dropped off of TMS, but when I re-enable the replication, certain information in the provisioning directory is deleted.

I can disable replication, restore the Agent DB on TMS and I see the relevant information back again on the TMS Provisioning Directory, but as soon as I then enable the Replication agent to the VCS, the information is lost.

I have even deleted and purged the Agent DB on the VCS (tmsagent_destroy_and_purge_data) but the same thing keeps happening. All the TMS Agent diagnostics run on both TMS and or VCS both before and after replication show no errors.

I am still using the legacy agent replication and I would like to move to TMSPE as soon as possible, however, I have yet to fully read the whitepaper so need to be clear on what might or might not be affected (network port spring to mind).

The resultant data loss is not huge and I could re-create the users, but I wondered if you would have any further ideas on what might be causing the issue?

Thank you in advance

Cisco Employee

Hi Nick,

Not sure I follow you exactly when you say "...these VCS replication agents had dropped off of TMS"...and what 'certain information in the PD' is deleted?

And when you disable replication and re-enable replication to the remote TMS Agent (VCS) from the local TMS agent (TMS), we 'nuke' the data on the remote TMS Agent (VCS), re-send it and then re-index it....albeit you've also ran a tmsagent destroy on the VCS side which basically would give you fresh install of the application along with an empty db.

Are these VCS Controls?

And one thought I had when I first read this is that your configuring FindMe users from the VCS side vs. the TMS side. However, if you've done a tmsagent destroy as well as unenabled and re-enabled replication to these VCSs, then we would of nuked that as well.

Is there possiblity of a rogue VCS (or another TMS for that matter) that is part of the replicating partners? You can see all the replicating partners from the TMS Agent Settings page. And with that said, when you disabled and re-enabled replication, did you clear all the replicating partners from the TMS Agent Settings page before re-enabling replication?

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