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TMS reporting CTS Systems with No HTTPs response

I am brining in CTS systems into TMS and once systems are discovered and placed in to a TMS folder, TMS is showing the systems with no HTTPS response.  A little background though this is not the first CTS systems brought into the sameTMS box.. Though this is the first time we have faced this issue.

  1. Referenced TMS Admin guide on the procedures to bring in CUCM into TMS.  We intially ran into an issue where the CUCM was showing no HTTPS response.  After purging the CUCM in TMS, we attempted to bring the CUCM back into TMS.  This time, in addtion to checking of Discover Non-SNMP Systems we also checked off "Add unsupported systems" (this under Advanced Settings...Discovery Options...)...and the CUCM came into TMS with no errors!  This is the 1st time the "unsupported systems" check box was checked off.
  2. We then went to add CTS systems and after bringing them into the destination folder, TMS showed an error of No Https response for the CTS systems.

Hardware Related Info;

  • TMS SW ver: 13.2
  • CUCM ver: 8.6.2

Since this is not the first time we added CUCMs and CTS systems into TMS, we are scratching our heads on why we are getting No HTTPS response.  The only differences between CUCMS is one has encrytion enabled and the other does not.  All FW ports are open (80, 443, 4433) and we have confirmed this traffic when viewed though a net monitor.

Any assistance or input would be appreciated.

Matt S

Kjetil Ree
Cisco Employee


Just to confirm: you are trying to add the CTSs using the 'from list' tab?


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yes....we are follwoing the TMS Admin guide and based on our experience doing this before.  Also... correction above...we have port 8443 opened not 4433. 

It could be something about certificate validation gone wrong. I dont use HTTPS for my lab CTSs, so I'm not sure how that works.

I suggest opening a TAC case – it could be something missing in our documentation. Please share the solution in this thread when you got it resolved.

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Magnus Ohm
Cisco Employee


Is there anything particular interesting about this? Like what happens if you do a force refresh under edit settings? Does the system stay in no https response or does it become Idle for a few seconds before it changes back to no https response again. If this is the case, a wireshark would be valuable while doing the force refresh and keep it running until its no https response again. Look for a 407 code.

Do you have Secure Device Communication enabled under network settings in TMS? If yes, can you try to turn this off?



The TMS setting "Secure Device Communication" is currently off.

As for anything else,  we have not observed any switch from No Https to Idle state.  TMS does not show any traps that would prove this.

Just a point of reference, the CUCM is still in a Alive state.



Ok, just to be sure did you try to force refresh the system as this will try to connect to the system on HTTP/HTTPS does it time out or does it get a connect OK for a brief timeframe? You said you have not observed any switch, but does this mean you have not observes any switch also when clicking the force refresh button on the settings tab of the system in TMS?


upon a force refresh, here is what i get:

Checking connection status for system 'ININD Prod2 EP (SEP001DA23961D0)'

Got connection status NoHTTPSResponse  from system 'ININD Prod2 EP (SEP001DA23961D0)'

Checking system type for 'ININD Prod2 EP (SEP001DA23961D0)'

Trying to find Cisco TelePresence System using HTTPS at

Getting System identifiers from system

Got System identifiers from system. MAC: 00:1D:A2:39:61:D0. Serial No:

Verifying system identifiers

Reading settings from system 'ININD Prod2 EP (SEP001DA23961D0)'

Getting system status from system

I could not get the final two lines though it just finishes its refresh and shows a no https response upon completion.



CTS were added in TMS through CUCM and no direct connection has been established yet.

Can you ping the CTS systems from TMS?

Hi, I would suggest to open a TAC case to further troubleshoot and resolve the reported problem.


TAC case had been opened last week and currently the Issue has been resolved.   Upon opening FW port 8081 TMS was able to obtain HTTPs responses from the CTS endpoints.  Cisco acknowledged this is not documented in the TMS guides and is only documented in the CTS guides about port 8081 needing to be open to communicate with CTS-Manager.  We are now moving to operational testing and hopefully there not be aby other surpirses. 

Thank you to everyone for replying to this post.  I appreciate it!


Thank you for sharing the solution with us.


Thank you for updating the thread about how the issue was resolved.

We have now updated the list of FW ports that must be opened; see the updated TMS 13.2.x installation guide at


Thanks for that. That also helped me for TMS 14.3.1 and CTS device. After opening port 8081 inbound/outbound and reconnect the CTS device it works. Thx.


I have the same problem, how this fix? I restart the server, renew ip, not help.


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