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Ben Morgan

TMS Scheduling with CMS - Use of PMP+ Licenses

Hi All..


I have TMS 15.9 and CMS 2.6.2 configured, with scheduling working etc..


When Meeting are scheduled either by the TMS 'Add Conference' button or the Smart Scheduler.. although the owner is listed. This doesnt seem to flow across to the CMS server. The owner has a PMP+ license in CMS.


When the TMS meeting kicks off.. it consumes a SMP+ licenses..




is there a way to pass username information from the TMS Scheduler to the CMS and allow CMS to consume a PMP+ license if that user has been allocated such license?





I have the same behavior.
Unable to see in any documentation how the mapping of a user is done when involving TMS.
I read that for ad hoc conferencing with CUCM, this will only works with the ObjectGUID, which is only available when using a sync with Active Directory for CUCM and CMS, and this is not supported if using an LDAP.

Hey mate,

Yes, have this working now..I just didnt have the test user in the right Security Group to consume a PMP+ license.. but below is the process that will achieve this for you..


Ensure you have TMSPE Installed with TMS. (Just to allow users to schedule meeting using the User Portal)

Configure TMS to sync with LDAP. Test login with a general user into the TMS User Portal.

Create a Security Group in LDAP for users who will be allocated a PMP+ license.

Sync CMS to LDAP and point to the above Security Group. Be sure to map the user profile that has the 'hasLicense' attribute set.

Integrate TMS with CMS as per documentation.


Test a booking with a user.. TMS will show the owner in its data, the owner field is passed to CMS via the API. CMS should now reflect the user details for the meeting.


If you have the Management Server deployed, you can integrate with CMS & TMS. So you can see scheduled meetings and current meetings to validate users and PMP+ usage.




Dear Ben,


is this option will work with Booking Meeting from outlook ?


I dont have TMSPE and all other setting is in place ,Still all meetings uses the SMP licenses

Yes, this should work when booking in Outlook with TMSXE syncing the meetings between Exchange and TMS.

Hi all

I have the same need

I have only PMP license

As I read, normaly TMS create meeting space randomly

I synchronise CMS with LDAP and assign PMP license to user with call ID (space ID)

I need to TMS to keep those space ID and use the assigned PMP

Is it possible ? if yes how can I do it ?


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