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TMS Time Zone Update Tool

Eli Kagan

Hi all,

I recently upgraded from TMS 13.something to TMS 14.3.1. When I run the Time Zone Update Tool as suggested in the install document it just hangs forever. It displays a progress bar and the status of "Getting conference data from TMSXE Exchange mailboxes..." but there is no progress. It's been sitting like that for a day now. Any ideas?




Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

We only recommend to run the time zone update tool if:

You have users scheduling confs from both the USA and Europe, or both the northern and southern hemispheres.
You are in a country where DST rules vary between states or regions, e.g. Australia.

If not, you do not need to run the tool if Cisco TMS and all organizers booking meetings on your telepresence network are in the same time zone or in time zones with the same DST rules, such as the United States excluding Arizona and Hawaii.

Do you meet one of the criteria above?

Is TMSXE in the mix? If so, you need to the tool on the TMSXE server. If not, have you tried restarting the TMS and restarting the tool? What are the TMS Server stats, i.e. OS, cpu, memory? Is the SQL Server on the same server as TMS or on an external SQL Server?


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Yes Dale, we do have users around the world. Moreover, we are affected by that time zone bug that version 14 claims to resolve.

TMSXE is installed on the same server. I don't see any CPU or memory utilization. SQL is on the same server.  I'll try rebooting and running the tool again but I am pretty sure that I rebooted the server after install was done.

-- ek

Now I am getting an error message with a stack trace: could not retrieve service user X.500 address.  (see attachment to the first post)

Before you made the jump from the 13.x vetsion you were on to 14.3.1, did you note (and do) page 46 on the 14.3.1 release notes?

Did you also upgrade to the latest version of TMSXE, i.e. V3.1.2?

And as you everything on one server and doing worldwide scheduling, I'm still curious to know the server OS and stats. In addition, I'm also curious to know how many rooms you have in TMSXE.

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And further to my post above, can you tell me what Exchange version your running, e.g. Exchange 2010 sp3? Please be very specific...if you can...right down to SPs, including the CAS Server(s).

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