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TMS Tools Error - Setting Not Found

In TMS Tools, when selecting the option to update the TMSPE database connection settings, I get the following error:

Settings Not Found

Could not read current settings, the dialog will be populated with default values:

Once the TMSPE connection settings page loads when I select OK on the previous error, and try to update the settings, I get this error:


Unable to write the TMS Provisioning Extension database settings.

Windows 2008 R2

TMS 14.3.1


Java 7 Update 21


Hi Justin,

Haha...good question...but seriously, two different applications, two different dbs, two different installer types, etc. Meaning...and if your 'feeling' my 'two' comes down to two different development teams, in particular when TMSPE was born. However, we have been and are begining to rope the teams together now and this is one particular area of improvement. That's why I've said improvements are being done in future release



Thanks Dale -

Is the "Can not read current settings" error come into play, because TMS Tools can't communicate with the SQL db where the settings are being held?

Hi Patrick,

Sorry, forgot to mention that in my earlier 'word dump'

But this "Cannot read current settings" is a defect that we've fixed in the next major release of TMS, i.e. due out in April. I don't have defect reference for it just yet, but I can get one.

The problem itself is that when you select "Provisioning Extension Database Connection Settings" in TMS Tools, the issue is that TMS Tools does not look at the proper registry locations for 32 or 64-bit Java install meaning it cannot find where Java was installed.

A possible work around to the issue would be to set a proper JAVA_HOME, i.e. environment variables > system variables on the host machine. For example, could be pointing to something that doesn't exist.

The fix in the code is that we obviously now correctly read both the 32 and 64 bit registry locations when we're trying to find where Java is on the host machine.



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