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Yes, from my understanding

Yes, from my understanding you will change serial numbers if you do a fresh install and create a new database without upgrading an existing one to retain it's serial number and data from TMS.  If you open a TAC case, Cisco can probably help with the SQL issues, they did for me when I upgraded from TMS 14.3.2 to 14.5 and I had trouble upgrading as a result of the database.


Hi Patric, I really can't

Hi Patric,


I really can't thank you enouph for your help , but still have some few questions :

1- the requirements of the new TMS are not matching the ones that were used with TMS13.2

2- we have a service contract now and release key but im afraid that changing the server and sql will make me lose the old serial key

If you change the server and

If you change the server and SQL, but use the same database, you'll still keep your original serial number and release/option keys.

2-i tried to install version

2-i tried to install version 14.6 but it asks for SQL upgrade , the current SQL is 2008 , what is the recommended SQL ? and if i installed a new SQL would i loose the tmsng database 

SQL 2012 and 2008 R2 is supported with TMS 14.6.  It would be best if you take a backup of the tmsng database just in case, you should do this no matter what anytime you're doing an upgrade.  See the TMS 14.6 Install Guide for more information on what is supported.

3-if the upgrade was done on the TMS should we migrate to the new provisioning or the old steps will work ?

TMS won't migrate you're provisioning data for you.  Per the TMSPE 1.0 deployment guide I linked to in an earlier reply, you'll need to have TMS 13.2 and install TMSPE 1.0, you'll then run a migration tool to migrate your provisioning data from the old TMS Legacy Agent to TMS Provisioning Extension.  Then you can upgrade TMS to 14.6 and TMSPE to 1.4.

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