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Luis Melendrez

TMS with Webex Enabled

When booking a meeting with outlook, I get the following error message on TMS:


Conference: Is defective because of a routing problem


Any idea where I can search to fix this issue?

Wayne DeNardi
VIP Advisor

I'd start by checking in the TMS Web Interface under Administrative Tools > Diagnostics > Conference Diagnostics.

A Defective Conference may be caused by a number of reasons - Have a read of the Defective Conference section in the TMS Admin Guide which says:

A Defective conference in Cisco TMS has been booked by an external client that encountered a resource conflict or routing problem.

A defective conference retains all properties of the booking request without setting up routing or consuming telepresence resources. Until all issues are resolved, Cisco TMS will not initiate a defective conference or send it to endpoints.

  • In the case of a routing issue, all endpoints in the booking will be set to Busy for the scheduled time, keeping the reservation while the administrator or user resolves the issue.
  • In the rare case of an endpoint reservation conflict, the endpoints will not be set to Busy for the defective booking.

Defective conferences can be corrected by the organizer or the administrator:

  • Users who book conferences that are saved as defective will be notified by email and can resolve most issues by changing their request and rescheduling from their client.
  • Administrators can locate and resolve defective conferences in Cisco TMS by going to Administrative Tools > Diagnostics > Conference Diagnostics or Booking > List Conferences. Conferences that are defective because of configuration errors or a permanent lack of routing resources must be resolved by an administrator.
    When scheduling a series where only some occurrences have a resource conflict or routing issue, Cisco TMS will only store the problematic occurrences as defective, leaving the remaining occurrences unaffected. .
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