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Andrei Fokin

TMSPE 1.7.0 server error when try to modify CMR Template

Hello, colleagues!

I succesfully installed TMS 15.2.1, TMSPE 1.7.0 in lab. I set telepresence conductor settings on System>>Provisioning>>Users and created new Collaboration Meeting Room Template. When I try to set new template for group or to change or delete template or delete conductor I always get error: "Warning Server Error" or "Warning Request failed with status 405".

I have no idea about reason of this issue.

May be it because there are no PMP and SMP license on conductor (license has only on telepresence server) and Multiparty licensing for TelePresence Servers is disabled on conductor?

I tryed to reinstall tms and tmspe but the problem hasn't disappeared.

Please, help. It is very important to solve this problem for me.


Accepted Solutions

Огромное вам спасибо, Андрей!! Хороший подарок под Новый год. :) 

Надо как то поставить тему в решенные. 

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What Java version and Windows OS are you running?

Did you make the required changes to the Java 8 software where TMSPE is installed to enable 4096-bit encryption, per the TMSPE 1.7 Release Notes? Otherwise TMSPE will be unable to communicate with Conductor.

Regardless of having PMP/SMP license, CMR should work with TelePresence Server screen licenses. 

I too had the same issue for my recent deployments, however after doing some research,reading notes and applying the workaround mentioned in release notes indicated by Patrick  it indeed worked.



Hi Rajkumar Yadav. Thanks.

I performed  Java settings changes but it not solve my problem.

same here, i changed the settings on the file but i get the same error "server error" have you ever go this resolved?

Hi, Andrei. You were able to find a solution to this problem?

Проблема с TMS решена и она заключалась не в версии ОС, а в настройках IIS сервера. Дело в том что я изначально устанавливал TMS через видео:

В данном видео коллега включил сервис WebDAV Publishing при установке IIS, что не нужно было делать (как я понимаю IIS сам включается при установке TMS и отдельно его включать вообще не нужно). После отключения роли сервиса WebDAV Publishing и рестарта IIS проблема при манипулировании настройками CMR на TMS пропала.

Огромное вам спасибо, Андрей!! Хороший подарок под Новый год. :) 

Надо как то поставить тему в решенные. 

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The problem with TMS is solved and it was not in the OS version, but in the IIS server settings. The thing is that I originally installed TMS via video:

In this video, a colleague turned on the WebDAV Publishing service when installing IIS, which did not need to be done (as I understand it, IIS itself is included when installing TMS and it does not need to be turned on separately). After disabling the role of the WebDAV Publishing service and restarting IIS, the problem of manipulating CMR settings on TMS was lost."

this is correct, i fell for the same pitfall when installing TMs following this Video. but also the Java configuration changes explained on the notes below needed to be performed.

TMSPE 1.7 Release Notes

Note, TMS will automatically install IIS and associated features it requires, the user should not need to install it themselves, from the install guide:

The Microsoft IIS (Internet Information Services) web server will be installed automatically by the Cisco TMS installer unless already present on the system.


Hi Patrick. Thanks fpr reply.

Java version - jre-8u101-windows-x64
Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard SP1 64bit

TMS 15.2.1, TMSPE 1.7.0

Microsoft SQL Server 2012  Express Edition (64-bit)

Conductor XC4.2

I performed this:

1. Change java security file as desribed in release notes

2. uninstalled TMSPE

3. delete tmspe database

4. installed TMSPE again
5. Add conductor and CMR template

But I have this problem again. I can't remove CMR template and conductor even if disable Conductor admin account used for api access. I think that is internal problem of TMS not depending from communication with conductor.

If there aren't any CMRs created yet, you can delete the CMR template and Conductor settings from the database.  This is untested, so suggest you take a backup of the database first, the data is stored in the following database and tables:

  • Database: tmspe_vmr
  • Tables: dbo.templates, dbo.conductor_settings

Does anything appear in the TMSPE logs that might explain what you're seeing?

Hi Patrick. Thanks for reply

>>>Does anything appear in the TMSPE logs that might explain what you're seeing?
There are no errors or warnings on TMS Provisioning Extension Diagnostics. Also there are no errors or warnings on SQL server. I see template and conductor settings in SQL database (dbo.templates, dbo.conductor_settings). Earlier I tryed to reinstall TMSPE and delete tmspe databases, but this hasn't solved a problem.
When I set conductor I see in menu conductor settings (for example - service preference created on Conductor) and checking of templates ("Verify templates" button) comleted succesfully.

May be i will try to reinstall tms and tmspe on Win Server 2012 instead of Win Server 2008.

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