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Chris Swinney

TMSPE - Adding E.164 dial to provisioned Jabber Users

Hey all,

We maintain several VCS devices that subscribe the the National E.164 dialing scheme via our National Gatekeeper (NOT ENUM lookups). We have may traditional endpoints that use E.164 alias dialing and this all works well.

We are also provisioning certain Jabber user via TMS, but unfortunately external inbound SIP URI dialing is not possible for certain users at this time. So, we can assigned E.164 numbers, then manipulate the number to dial the internal SIP URI.

As stated we DO NOT use ENUM, but rather have achieved this in two ways.

  1. We have used Dial Plan -- > Transform on the local VCS to manipulate the E.164 to be replaced with the user's SIP URI
  2. After reading the "Cisco TelePresenceManagement Suite Provisioning Extension Deployment Guide for Cisco TMSPE 1.0 with Cisco TMS 14.1 and Cisco VCS X7.1, X7.2", in the section "Sending and returning calls via ISDN gateways" (yeah, we are NOT using ISDN, but the principle is the same), and "Using FindMe to convert E.164 numbers to FindMe IDs", I have set up secondary FindMe account to forward calls to a E.164 number, to a user real provisioned user's account ID.

Ok, so if I have achived what I want, why the question.

We neither is particularly elegant and requires a lot of manual manipulation, such as manually adding a transform or manually adding separate FindMe accounts, then setting up dialing preferences. Ideally, I would like to use just TMS PE to achieve this, but is there any way this this can be automated?

Ideally, I would like to see an E.164 field avaliable to provisioned users that can be used as lookup instead of having to add a seperat fake FindME account - Feature Request.





jabber is only a SIP client soft-endpoint hence you don't see E.164 or H.323 fields in provisioning template. Have you considered using CPL to manipulate all your requirement in one single script. It may not be very intuitive to work with initially but the format/structure is realized, you can manage all your aliases from that script. Also external policy server such as Conductor is a great tool to do all required call policy settings and manipulation.

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