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TMSXE deployment


We deployed TMSXE in a customer for outlook scheduling. Everything seems ok. But we can not schedule any meeting. We create a meeting request in outlook client with the telepresence rooms but TMS/TMSXE does nothing. Actually I don't understand how to make the Exchange server know TMSXE address. Do we need to do any configuration in anywhere? You know while deploying the TMSXE, we enter Exchange server information in the TMSXE. So I understand TMSXE know the Exchange. But we don't give any information to the Exchange server about the TMSXE. Do we need to do that?




You have to give user

You have to give user information in TMSXE. This user will have impersonation rights on Exchange and will schedule meetings on the endpoints behalf. This user will need to have impersonation rights for the mailboxes that are being used by the endpoints and the mailboxes will need to be tied to the endpoints in the TMSXE interface. The TMSXE has multiple tabs on the top which can which will be used to assign endpoints to mailboxes.

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Thanks for the answer.

Thanks for the answer. Actually the problem was about a mistake the exchange admin did. Now it has been solved. Now I have a different question. We have CUCM registered ip phones in the customer site. We need to add the phones as well as telepresence rooms. I think I need to add them manually as call-in or call-out participants because the TMS doesn't support the ip phones. It is ok for the customer to aff the ip phones as call-in participants. But I can not see the Conference id in anywhere. Is it possible to make the TMS to send conference id to the call-in participants?




I think you can do it with

I think you can do it with the email templates in TMS but havent done it myself. Will let someone else chime in.

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