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TMSXE integration Exchange online (Office365)

TMSXE integration Exchange online (Office365)


We have a TMSXE 5.2, TMS 15.0 and AD Microsoft, everything on-premise.


When we are tryning to integrate Exchange online (Office 365) on cloud, We get an error in TMSXE: "401 Unauthorized". When the TMSXE service account is set.


We are attaching the error log.


Is there specific guide for a cloud integration?


TMSXE 5.2 Deployment Guide covers both Exchange on-premise and in O365.  When you entered the Exchange information, did you enter the correct username, password, and domain that is associated with the service user email?



Username, password, domain and the service user associeted whit email ok. Also, I did user test, using the browser of the own tmsxe server, logged successfull.


I have the impression that problem is how the information of user and password from tmsxe goes to Exchange (Office365). Maybe this would justify the error (401 Unauthorized). 

I’m 100% sure that it is not how it’s being sent. It’s whats being sent, and where it is being sent. I would recommend a TAC case so that a support engineer can review your TMSXE deployment in conjunction with what the Exchange and Active Directy deployment looks like.

Zac Colton
Cisco Employee

You will need to pay very close attention to the authentication domain required to authenticate to the Exchange environment. Please review the TMSXE deployment guide in detail, with a focus on the Alternate Active Directory option.

Hi, can you send me the document or the guide with focus on the Alternate AD? 



Hi Zac,

Did you get a solution for that ? I have the same problem.





The solution is a TMSXE configuration that meets the exact Exchange/O365 deployment. No advice can be given without a complete understanding of the environment.

We have to migrate our roommailboxes form exchange onprem to O365. While the migration we will have a hybrid deployment. We use CAS to autodiscover the mailboxes, in the logs we could see that TMSXE first try to find the mailbox onprem and then in the cloud. I think it is a problem with permissons of the user that is try to access the mailboxes at the cloud. I´m not sure what kind of permissions are needed for that user. What I not completely understand, do we need an impersonation account when we try to access with username/password ?

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