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jarrod sousa

TMSXE <> TMS info transfer


i have TMS and TMSXE set up and was just curious if there was a way to make this happen. 

when i schedule a conference from outlook, TMSXE sees the event in Exchange, then forwards the info to TMS and TMS creates a conference.  if i delete/edit the meeting in outlook, the info gets passes onto TMS and the conference gets updated.  this works as expected.

if i create the event in outlook, then edit/delete in TMS, the information does not get passed down to my personal outlook calendar.  while i get an email from TMS letting me know the conference was deleted (and it tells me to forward to others and delete from my calendar) it would be nice if i could get TMS to edit my calendar as well. is there any easy way to make this happen using TMS 14.1.1 and TMSXE 3.0.2?


Cisco Employee


This is really by design. TMS and TMSXE 'communicate' between one another via the resource room calendars that are in Exchange...meaning and although you would think that this would be a nice idea, TMSXE does not have the access rights to user's personal calendars so has to do that. And I very much doubt that users or an Exchange Admin would simply allow a third party tool like TMSXE to simply have access to user's calendars.



Hi Dale,

if you add an event in Outlook, the event gets created in TMS. If you change the event in TMS, the resource calenders of won't be updated right? So the event will still keep the old duration in Exchange, if you change it in TMS.

It would be good, if that information would also be updated from TMS to Exchange.

Regards, Paul


TMSXE supports two way repliation, so the Exchange resource calendars are updated within three minutes after a change has been made in TMS. But the organizer's calendar is never touched by the TMSXE replication process.


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Thanks Kjetil,

I tested it with editing the time of an event and it succefully replicated to Exchange on the Room Mailboxes. I got one calender, which did not change, but this may be related to an Exchange access right issue.

Regards, Paul

Hi Paul,

That makes sense and works as expected because tmsxe has full access to the resource mailbox calendar hence the ability to delete and create the events automatically.

TMS and TMSE does not have full access to the users mailbox and therefore will not automatically remove this from the users calendar. It simply does nothave the persmissions and access rights however TMS does informthe user by sending a mail stating that the event is deleted and the user (who is the owner and creator of the event) should send an update of the invite to all participants to remove the event from their calendars.


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