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Touch 10 button for dual screens / computers

How to create a custom button on the Touch 10 so that it is possible to route HDMI input 1 to a left display and HDMI input 2 to the right display? We want to display 2 different computers at the same time

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Cisco Employee

Re: Touch 10 button for dual screens / computers



We already support native presentation of two laptop inputs _(locally)_ its just to start the first and then the other. If you need to send two laptops in two different channels to the far end you can make this work as well using a macro, so that scenario takes a bit more work to it.  However this all depends on software and hardware which you do not mention in your post and it is difficult to provide you a good answer.




Re: Touch 10 button for dual screens / computers

Thank you for the reply! Yes, sorry that is what i want to do is create a macro. Or is there a way to press on one of the monitors and instead of it saying stop presentation it can show the inputs as well? And also when you are on the share screen when you press local preview or share in call it shows the HDMI input you want to present it on?


We have the Webex Room Kit Pro. We have a laptop on a podium and an Intel Unite as our inputs. 

Cisco Employee

Re: Touch 10 button for dual screens / computers

The screen representation on the touch cannot be customized. You can create custom UI both in call and out of call to do what you want. It required programming on the device so you should start by reading the customization guide for CE and then look at some of the built in examples to get started.

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