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Touch 10 Crestron integration

We have used the In-Room Editor to create panels for Audio Call, TV and Video Conf. Crestron is using the Panel ID's to allow us to use the Touch 10 display to change source, turn off the TV etc and this works fine. We can control all this from the Touch 10.

I would like to add that the TV should be turned on if we receive an incoming video call and press Answer on the Touch 10 display. Instead of having our users joining the meeting and then navigate the Touch 10 to turn on the TV using the source for Video Conferencing. Is there any parameter id och hidden value that we can trigger to achieve this?


You will need the crestron controller to monitor the codec for a wake command, which will happen when the incoming call wakes up the system.  Then the crestron controller can send either an RS-232 power on command to the display, or an HDMI CEC signal to turn on the display.  I'm not an expert at crestron, honestly, but I've worked with AV installers in the past, and they usually have no problem making that work.


Especially if you can already turn off the display, then it sounds like perhaps they just messed something up when configuring the wake command.


Keep in mind, for this to work, you have to be version specific, so if you were on CE 9.0, and then upgraded your codec to CE9.5, the commands could change, and then that would throw off your crestron's programming.  So always run any upgrades through your crestron programmer before upgrading your codec.


Cheers! I will ask our partner to look into the options for the Crestron controller and see if we can get this working.

VIP Advisor

If the codec's output is connected directly to the display, then turning CEC on on both the codec and the screen should allow the codec to turn the screen on when there is an incoming call.  

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