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Paul Woelfel

Touch Panel select call method

Hi community!

We are using more and more touch panels at our installations and I just noticied with TC6 and TC7 that you are not able to select the call method.
For example you got a phonebook entry in your central phonebook with H323, Sip and ISDN address entered. If you check the web page of the endpoint you can select the call method. If you use the remote it is also possible. With the touch panel it is not possible to select the call method, so it is not possible to switch to ISDN if IP is not working.

Did I miss something, or is this not possible on the touch?

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Regards, Paul
Cisco Employee

Hi Paul,

touch panel do not provide option to select the call protocol type ( sip or h323). In case you are dialing from phonebook, it will use the call protocol defined for that particular entry.

if you want to specify a particular call protocol through touch, then you need to type it in front of number .. like h323: or sip: by edit option.

Hi Amit,

that's bad! We import the Active Directory Users in a phone book and want to be able to dial the phone number and the mobile number. Right now TMS selects only one number of them.

Also we have other systems, which are available via IP and via ISDN. We want to be able to select ISDN if IP fails.

Are there any plans to allow the user to select the different contact methods of a phonebook entry?


Regards, Paul

Hi Paul,

in case you are pushing phonebook from TMS, then TMS allow you to have different contact methods for single entry.

check the below snapshot where user Amit has 3 contact methods, one H323, SIP, ISDN.


Hi Amit,

anything changed since last year?

Currently one customer uses a manual list in TMS for IP AND ISDN dialing and he told me about this behaviour.

They are running TC7.2.1 but also with my tested version TC7.3.3 there is no option to choose between IP or H320 via TP (8").

Can you say anything, if it's on any roadmap or is this just "Cisco philosophy"?

Paul Woelfel

That's right Amit, you can have multiple contact methods in TMS. You can also choose the contact method of a phonebook entry, if you use the web page of the endpoint.
BUT: you can't with the touch panel!!

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Regards, Paul
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