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TX9000, TX1300, Profile Series, TPS Server, Management System

Hello everyone,

We need to offer a customer some TX9000s, TX1300s, Profile series one TPS Server and one Management System. The customer wants that all systems can connect with each other as point to point. Also all systems should be able to connect to the TPS server. By the way we need to offer a management system to manage all systems remotely. Can anyone explain the infrastructure in brief? Which management system should we offer for remote management, scheduling etc...? How can we integrate TX series with standard videoconferencing systems like Profile series or third party systems?

I would really appreciate if you could share a document explaining the infrasructure in detail?      




TX9000, TX1300, Profile Series, TPS Server, Management System


For the TX series systems, a CUCM is mandatory. You can either use a BE6K solution or an existing CUCM if available. Those devices are defined and connected there.

Standard cisco video devices may either connect to the CUCM or to a VCS-Control that is onterconnected via SIP to the CUCM.

To schedule and manage you need a TMS.

Accessing this from remote you should use a secure way like a SSL-VPN or a point to point VPN. Locking this access down to a jumphost would be even better.

If that environment should have a connection towards the internet for B2B, a VCS-Expressway is the correct way.

Hope I could help.




TX9000, TX1300, Profile Series, TPS Server, Management System


i will suggest the following infrastructure:

1) CTMS/ (TP server 7010 is optional)

2) CUCM/(BE6k is optional)

3) CTS Manager/(TMS is optional)

Appriciate if anyone can confirm and advice better solution.




TX9000, TX1300, Profile Series, TPS Server, Management System


I would not recommend a CTS/Man&MS solution anymore for a new setup.

This product will not be continued and enhanced. The TMS does the scheduling from now on.

One could consider to wait for the telepresence server firmware load on a regular MCU to have a nice multisite setup. that supports the TX nicely. The first is already available for the MSE blades.


TX9000, TX1300, Profile Series, TPS Server, Management System


Thanks for the answers. I understand that the ideal solution includes CUCM/TX series in a side and TMS/VCSControl/VCS Expressway/Standard VC systems/TP Server in the other side. And there is a sip trunk between CUCM and VCS Control. In that case any TX series system can call any standard vc system as point to point including Jabber clients and any system can join into the conference on the TP server. Can you please confirm that?

By the way, I don't understand exactly how to manage the endpoints registered to the CUCM from the TMS. While trying to add an endpoint like that, the TMS gives an error "the system is in wrong provisioning mode". Is there any guide explaining how to add "the endpoints registered to the CUCM" to the TMS?

Best regards,


Cisco Employee

TX9000, TX1300, Profile Series, TPS Server, Management System

Hi Tufan,

Yes, with the setup you mentioned any TX endpoint can make point to point call to endpoints registered to VCS (including jabber video) .

Regarding adding the CUCM and CTS endpoints to TMS , you can refer the TMS 13.x admin guide.

Also CUCM version should be 8.5.x and above



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