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UCM h323 gateway - sip trunk


I have a sip trunk connected and working on a ccme router.  I have one phone registered to the router and I can make outgoing calls via the sip trunk.

What I want to do is move that phone back to the UCM server and place calls from the UCM server to the router and out the sip trunk.  I have the router setup as a gateway, like my other routers, and I have an h323 connection to it as I see the call being setup in the debugs.  But it doesn't seem to be making its way out of the router.  Any ideas why I just get a fast busy?

Here is the relevent config and the debug messages:

voice service voip

allow-connections h323 to h323

allow-connections h323 to sip

allow-connections sip to h323

allow-connections sip to sip

no supplementary-service sip moved-temporarily

no supplementary-service sip refer



  h225 id-passthru

  h245 passthru tcsnonstd-passthru


  registrar server expires max 3600 min 600

  redirect contact order best-match


voice class h323 1

  h225 timeout tcp establish 3


interface Loopback0

ip address

ip nat inside

ip virtual-reassembly in

h323-gateway voip interface

h323-gateway voip bind srcaddr


interface FastEthernet0/1

ip address

ip access-group firewall in

ip nat outside

ip virtual-reassembly in

duplex auto

speed auto

no cdp enable



dial-peer voice 900 voip

destination-pattern 1[2-9]..[2-9]......

session protocol sipv2

session target

dtmf-relay sip-notify rtp-nte

codec g711ulaw

no vad



timer receive-rtp 1200



credentials username 1111 password 7 1111 realm

authentication username 1111 password 7 1111 realm

nat symmetric role passive

nat symmetric check-media-src

no remote-party-id

no redirection

retry invite 4

retry response 3

retry bye 2

retry cancel 2

retry register 5

timers trying 1000

timers connect 100

timers register 250

registrar expires 3600


no suspend-resume




max-ephones 10

max-dn 100

ip source-address port 2000

calling-number local secondary

timeouts interdigit 2

system message CCME-SIP-TRUNK-TEST

max-conferences 4 gain -6

web admin system name cisco secret 5 1111

transfer-system full-consult

transfer-pattern .T

secondary-dialtone 9

create cnf-files version-stamp 7960 Mar 27 2011 17:04:14


Apr 21 23:11:44.671: //-1/xxxxxxxxxxxx/H323/cch323_h225_receiver: Received msg of type SETUPIND_CHOSEN

Apr 21 23:11:44.671: //1393/803DF3B70200/H323/setup_ind: callingNumber[5555551111] calledNumber[15555551234]

Apr 21 23:11:44.671: //1393/803DF3B70200/H323/setup_ind: ---- calling IE present

Apr 21 23:11:44.671: //1393/803DF3B70200/H323/setup_ind: ====== PI = 0

Apr 21 23:11:44.671: //1393/803DF3B70200/H323/setup_ind: Receive: infoXCap 0

Apr 21 23:11:44.671: //1393/803DF3B70200/H323/setup_ind: Receive: infoXCap ccb 0

Apr 21 23:11:44.671: //1393/803DF3B70200/H323/setup_ind:setup_ind: is_overlap = 0, info_complete = 0

Apr 21 23:11:44.671: //1393/803DF3B70200/H323/setup_ind: Call Manager detected

Apr 21 23:11:44.671: //1393/803DF3B70200/H323/cch323_h225_receiver: SETUPIND_CHOSEN: src address =; dest address =

Apr 21 23:11:44.671: //1393/803DF3B70200/H323/run_h225_sm: Received event H225_EV_SETUP_IND while at state H225_IDLE

Apr 21 23:11:44.671: //1393/803DF3B70200/H323/common_idle_setupInd_hdlr: no match is found

Apr 21 23:11:44.671: //1393/803DF3B70200/H323/cch323_h225_set_new_state: Changing from H225_IDLE state to H225_SETUP state

Apr 21 23:11:44.675: //1393/803DF3B70200/H323/cch323_create_incoming_callinfo_block: peer is NULL - may affect modem pass through! ccb: 4C99EBE0, ccNewCallInfo 499C4758

Apr 21 23:11:44.675: //1393/803DF3B70200/H323/cch323_create_incoming_callinfo_block: Calling Party is CCM

Apr 21 23:11:44.675: //1393/803DF3B70200/H323/cch323_h225_handle_deferred_ind: UnBuffering deferred indications

Apr 21 23:11:44.679: //1393/803DF3B70200/H323/run_h225_sm: Received event H225_EV_RELEASE while at state H225_SETUP

Apr 21 23:11:44.679: //1393/803DF3B70200/H323/cch323_h225_send_release: Cause = 21; Location =0

Apr 21 23:11:44.679: //1393/803DF3B70200/H323/cch323_h225_send_release: h225TerminateRequest: src address = 169219585; dest address =

Apr 21 23:11:44.679: //1393/803DF3B70200/H323/cch323_h225_set_new_state: Changing from H225_SETUP state to H225_IDLE state

Daniele Giordano
Rising star

Try to add an incoming dial-peer like this:

dial-peer voice 1 voip
codec g711ulaw
incoming called-number .
dtmf-relay sip-notify rtp-nte
no vad

If issue remain, post the output of "debug voice ccapi inout".


Thanks for the post.

I have tried adding the incoming dial-peer, but I cannot add "sip-notify" unless I change the session protocol to sip, which it's not...

Here is what the debug show's:

Apr 23 16:23:25.660: //-1/xxxxxxxxxxxx/H323/cch323_h225_receiver: Received msg of type SETUPIND


Apr 23 16:23:25.660: //1458/00023C020700/H323/setup_ind: callingNumber[5555551111] calledNumber


Apr 23 16:23:25.660: //1458/00023C020700/H323/setup_ind: ---- calling IE present

Apr 23 16:23:25.660: //1458/00023C020700/H323/setup_ind: ====== PI = 0

Apr 23 16:23:25.660: //1458/00023C020700/H323/setup_ind: Receive: infoXCap 0

Apr 23 16:23:25.660: //1458/00023C020700/H323/setup_ind: Receive: infoXCap ccb 0

Apr 23 16:23:25.660: //1458/00023C020700/H323/setup_ind:

setup_ind: is_overlap = 0, info_complete = 0

Apr 23 16:23:25.660: //1458/00023C020700/H323/setup_ind: Call Manager detected

Apr 23 16:23:25.660: //1458/00023C020700/H323/cch323_h225_receiver: SETUPIND_CHOSEN: src addres

s =; dest address =

Apr 23 16:23:25.660: //1458/00023C020700/H323/run_h225_sm: Received event H225_EV_SETUP_IND whi

le at state H225_IDLE

Apr 23 16:23:25.660: //1458/00023C020700/H323/common_idle_setupInd_hdlr: full match is found

Apr 23 16:23:25.660: //1458/00023C020700/H323/cch323_h225_set_new_state: Changing from H225_IDL

E state to H225_SETUP state

Apr 23 16:23:25.660: //1458/00023C020700/H323/cch323_create_incoming_callinfo_block: peer 47204

B94, voice_peer_tag 1, ccb: 4C99EBE0

Apr 23 16:23:25.660: //1458/00023C020700/H323/cch323_create_incoming_callinfo_block: Calling Pa

rty is CCM

Apr 23 16:23:25.660: //-1/00023C020700/CCAPI/cc_api_display_ie_subfields:



   ----- ccCallInfo IE subfields -----















   cisco-redirectreason=-1   fwd_final_type =0

   final_redirectNumber =

   hunt_group_timeout =0

Apr 23 16:23:25.664: //-1/00023C020700/CCAPI/cc_api_call_setup_ind_common:

   Interface=0x4929FD24, Call Info(

   Calling Number=5555551111,(Calling Name=)(TON=Unknown, NPI=Unknown, Screening=User, Passed,


   Called Number=15555551234(TON=Unknown, NPI=Unknown),

   Calling Translated=FALSE, Subscriber Type Str=Unknown, FinalDestinationFlag=TRUE,

   Incoming Dial-peer=1, Progress Indication=NULL(0), Calling IE Present=TRUE,

   Source Trkgrp Route Label=, Target Trkgrp Route Label=, CLID Transparent=FALSE), Call Id=145


Apr 23 16:23:25.664: //-1/00023C020700/CCAPI/ccCheckClipClir:

   In: Calling Number=5555551111(TON=Unknown, NPI=Unknown, Screening=User, Passed, Presentation


Apr 23 16:23:25.664: //-1/00023C020700/CCAPI/ccCheckClipClir:

   Out: Calling Number=5555551111(TON=Unknown, NPI=Unknown, Screening=User, Passed, Presentatio


Apr 23 16:23:25.664: //-1/xxxxxxxxxxxx/CCAPI/cc_get_feature_vsa:

Apr 23 16:23:25.664: :cc_get_feature_vsa malloc success

Apr 23 16:23:25.664: //-1/xxxxxxxxxxxx/CCAPI/cc_get_feature_vsa:

Apr 23 16:23:25.664:  cc_get_feature_vsa count is 1

Apr 23 16:23:25.664: //-1/xxxxxxxxxxxx/CCAPI/cc_get_feature_vsa:

Apr 23 16:23:25.664: :FEATURE_VSA attributes are: feature_name:0,feature_time:1205074544,featur


Apr 23 16:23:25.664: //1458/00023C020700/CCAPI/cc_api_call_setup_ind_common:

   Set Up Event Sent;

   Call Info(Calling Number=5555551111(TON=Unknown, NPI=Unknown, Screening=User, Passed, Presen


   Called Number=15555551234(TON=Unknown, NPI=Unknown))

Apr 23 16:23:25.664: //1458/00023C020700/H323/cch323_h225_handle_deferred_ind: UnBuffering defe

rred indications

Apr 23 16:23:25.668: //1458/00023C020700/CCAPI/cc_process_call_setup_ind:


Apr 23 16:23:25.668: //-1/xxxxxxxxxxxx/CCAPI/cc_setupind_match_search:

   Try with the demoted called number 15555551234

Apr 23 16:23:25.668: //1458/00023C020700/CCAPI/ccCallSetContext:


Apr 23 16:23:25.668: //1458/00023C020700/CCAPI/cc_process_call_setup_ind:

   >>>>CCAPI handed cid 1458 with tag 1 to app "_ManagedAppProcess_TOLLFRAUD_APP"

Apr 23 16:23:25.668: //1458/00023C020700/CCAPI/ccCallDisconnect:

   Cause Value=21, Tag=0x0, Call Entry(Previous Disconnect Cause=0, Disconnect Cause=0)

Apr 23 16:23:25.668: //1458/00023C020700/CCAPI/ccCallDisconnect:

   Cause Value=21, Call Entry(Responsed=TRUE, Cause Value=21)

Apr 23 16:23:25.668: //1458/00023C020700/CCAPI/cc_api_get_transfer_info:

   Transfer Number Is Null

Apr 23 16:23:25.672: //1458/00023C020700/H323/run_h225_sm: Received event H225_EV_RELEASE while

at state H225_SETUP

Apr 23 16:23:25.672: //1458/00023C020700/H323/cch323_h225_send_release: Cause = 21; Location =


Apr 23 16:23:25.672: //1458/00023C020700/H323/cch323_h225_send_release: h225TerminateRequest: s

rc address = 169219585; dest address =

Apr 23 16:23:25.672: //1458/00023C020700/H323/cch323_h225_set_new_state: Changing from H225_SET

UP state to H225_IDLE state

Apr 23 16:23:25.676: //1458/00023C020700/CCAPI/cc_api_call_disconnect_done:

2811voice#Disposition=0, Interface=0x4929FD24, Tag=0x0, Call Id=1458,

   Call Entry(Disconnect Cause=21, Voice Class Cause Code=0, Retry Count=0)

Apr 23 16:23:25.676: //1458/00023C020700/CCAPI/cc_api_call_disconnect_done:

   Call Disconnect Event Sent

Apr 23 16:23:25.676: //-1/xxxxxxxxxxxx/CCAPI/cc_free_feature_vsa:

Apr 23 16:23:25.676: :cc_free_feature_vsa freeing 47D3FA68

Apr 23 16:23:25.676: //-1/xxxxxxxxxxxx/CCAPI/cc_free_feature_vsa:

Apr 23 16:23:25.676:  vsacount in free is 0


Ok, I have figured it out.  Saw this in the debug:


Found out that there is a feature in 15.1 that prevents toll fraud.

I had to do this:

voice service voip                                    
    ip address trusted list                              
     ipv4  []

And then the CM was a trusted source to push the call through the router.



Had the same problem today, thanks for the answer.

Just to add to this if you have dial-peers configured with session target, calls from           those IPs will be accepted even if there is no trusted list configured.

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