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unable to call b/w local and outside movi users

Hi Everyone,

we are using VCS starter pack as expressway with version X7.0.1 and vcs control with version X6.0

i have registered all movi users on vcs starter pack as expressway and able to login movi from outside

but unable to call between local registered end points  on vcs control and movi users registered on vcs satarter pack as expressway

done all the configuration on vcs starter and vcs control such as

1)created traversal zone on both vcs

2)created search rule to route call via traversal zone

please suggest what could be the problem


Accepted Solutions

Hi Rashmi,

Can you check the VCS where the Ex60 registered. Go under status can call history.

check for the call  and from there can you provide the search history for the call. then we can atleast get a idea where to go furhter.



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Michael Boscia

A couple questions to get you started:

  1. Do you have a maintenance contract?
    1. If so, are you able to execute a VCS sofware upgrade to get both devices on the same version of code?
  2. What do the logs say when you try to make a call between what appear to be internal (VCS-C) and external (VCS-E) users
    1. are you dialing/calling with the complete URI?
  3. Do calls fail in both directions?
    1. Specifically are you unable to make calls from both inside to outside, nor outside to inside?

Hi Michael,

Thanks for the reply.

now   1) i have made both the system on same version

vcs starter pack verX6.0 and vcs control X6.0

2)I can do calling internal to internal registered end points

3)movi users registered on vcs starter pack as expressway can call outside registered movi users

4)but unable to make call inside to outside and outside to inside

5)I am trying to call outside movi user with internal registered ex60 endpoint but showing contact is offline and can not call

logs showing call rejected

Hi Rashmi,

Can you check the VCS where the Ex60 registered. Go under status can call history.

check for the call  and from there can you provide the search history for the call. then we can atleast get a idea where to go furhter.



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Hi Alok,

Thanks for the reply

after checking the status under vcs control it showing

call summary


route:            default subzone->defaultsz totraversal sz->traversal subzone->zone001 to traversalSz->traversal zone

incoming call

source alias

target alias

protocol           SIP

ip address       192.x.x

transport          TLS

reason             not found

cause                404

outgoing call  

source alias    same

target alias     same

protocol        SIP

ip address      61.8.x.x

tranport         TCP

encryption     none

Hi All,

I am still not able to call between local registered endpoints and outside movi users.

Please suggests

Hi Rashmi,

From the search details it seem the VCS sends a request to traversal zone which is correct if you are calling to a outside MOVI user which is registered on VCS-Expressway.

Is the MOVI user registered on VCS-expressway. If yes, do you have proper search rules for calling to local zone on VCS-expressway.



HI Alok,

Thanks for the reply is the SIP URI of EX60 which is a local endpoint registered on vcs control and is a movi user registered on vcs expressway

attached the various search rules created on vcs control and expressway

Hi Rashmi,

Why you have all the search rules on VCS-control set with priority as 100?

The search rules destined towards the traversal zone, i would recommend to set priority as 150, both for ip-address dialing and alias dialing to traversal zone.

After that test again.

While replying back please mention the call flow and also attach the search details for same call from both the expressway and control side



Hi Alok ,

I have set the priority to 150 on both serach rules

here attached the log history from both express and control

Hi Rashmi,

With this details it makes sense now. It seems call reached to VCS-expressway.

Also if you check the search rule on VCS-Expressway for local zone see the target zone has kept to "traversal zone" which should be "local zone".

Please make the changes and test the call again.



Hi Alok,

now i am able to call local registered endpoint ( from outside movi user ( )but when i am calling outside movi user( from ex60(,its showing product not found.

here is the attached logs


Have you made the changes i pointed previously. From the expressway search history it seems it is not able to find any of the URI's mentioned under the Findme id.

How exactly this 3 endpoint's mentioned under your find me id registered.. are all SIP or H.323?

What is the regitration type of Manish endpoint? is it a SIP or H.323




all endpoints are SIP

Hi Rashmi,

In that case first test is try to dial the devices registered with your find me account directly and see are you able to dial them or not.

If you not then still there are problems with the search rules. If yes, then probably some configuration we are missing it out.

Also what i think is the device registered as on vcs-control is a H.323 endpoint.?



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