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Unable to create users in TMS.


What is the process to create users in TMS?

I have created 5 users in the Windows Machine wherein TMS is installed and tried creating the same user in TMS as well, but unfortunately only one user is created successfully , and gives an error " Some Error in creating user" ?

Please advice!


Manish Gupta


Re: Unable to create users in TMS.

You do not need to manually create the user in TMS, it will be automatically created for you when that user access the webpage of the TMS and logs in for the first time.


First, as you have done, create the user locally on the server TMS is running (or have the TMS server in a Windows DOMAIN / Active Directory.)

Then, let the new user log on to the WEB page of the TMS server, that user will be added to TMS with default user priviliges. (If your TMS server is a domain member, the domain users will be signed on automatically when accessing the TMS web page, without having to provide login credentials. Single Sign On.)

Last, you as a TMS administrator can add permissions to that new user.

(This can also be automated if you use AD integration.)


Unable to create users in TMS.

is the TMS domain member server ? if yes then as Robert mentioned above you just need to user to login first time and then you can change the permission or make permission for new users/default as part of a certain group

if the TMS not in the domain then you will have to create them manually !


if helpful Rate

Cisco Employee

Unable to create users in TMS.

Hi Manish ,

The "there where some problem saving the user" [sic] error is a known bug. A fix will be included in the forthcoming Cisco TMS maintenance release. We have fixed the spelling in the error message as well.




Unable to create users in TMS.

So is there a workaround?

Cisco Employee

Unable to create users in TMS.

No, there is no workaround in TMS 13.1. But TMS 13.1.1, where the issue is fixed, has been out for some weeks now.



Re: Unable to create users in TMS.

Awesome, thanks.

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