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Sumit Bhargava

Understanding on Expressway-Core/Expressway-Edge & VCS Control/VCS-expressway

Hi All,

Please share your inputs on below understanding on Expressway-Core/Expressway-Edge & VCS Control/VCS-expressway:

Cisco Expressway-Edge is another name for VCS-Expressway.  Same exact software.  Expressway-Edge is a VCS-Expressway that is deployed as a Mobile and Remote Access proxy only.  There is a license file actually changes the title to say “Expressway-E” when it is loaded. 

It’s called VCS-Expressway when it is licensed for traversal (B2B SIP video) calls.   Again, same software, just called different things depending on how it is deployed.  

Ques1. Does it mean , if we have to factor a device for VPN-less access for Remote users (ouside the corporate network) , then Expressway-Edge need to be provisioned and doesn't require Expressway-Core. Also, the Remote users here refer to users with Jabber client:  Cisco Jabber for Windows 9.6, Cisco Jabber for iOS 9.6 or Cisco Jabber for MAC (Early Adopter Program 10.0 alpha) and CUCM registered TC7.0 endpoints like MX/EX series.

Moreover, Remote Users with Traditional IP phones will not be supported, they will use VPN Phone or CUBE lineside proxy.

Ques2. When purchasing UCL Enhanced, Enhanced Plus or UWL licensing, Cisco Expressway licensing is offered at no additional cost to enable mobile and remote access for Jabber clients and EX/MX series Telepresence endpoints. Does, Cisco Expressway here refers to Expressway-Edge(Collaboration Edge)?

Ques3. In the above mentioned scenario where only MRA (Mobile and Remote Access) is required, will the Expressway-E connect directly with CUCM9.1(2)/ CUCM ver 10.0 directly over SIP or SIP Trunk?

Ques4. Both Expressway C & E servers would be required if:

We have to enable video calling with third parties(calls to/from endpoints not registered with CUCM)  both Expressway C and E servers are ordered and then order Rich Media Session licenses in equal quantities for each server from. Each server will support up to 100 Rich Media Sessions, therefore a maximum of 200 licenses may be selected per order.

(ii) If integration with MS Lync2013 is required, then where will the following license be uploaded- on Expressway- C or E.......


     Enhanced Microsoft Collaboration key for Cisco Expressway

Ques5. Lync 2013 integration with Cisco PBX (CUCM ver 9.1 /10.0

  Is the Cisco PBX (CUCM ver9.1/10.0) able to convert TCP to UDP. If yes,then there can be a Direct SIP trunk between Lync2013 (FE Server) and Cisco PBX. Else, SBC would be required to convert TCP packets coming from Lync side to UDP for Cisco PBX to understand?

Ques 6 If there is a complete Video requirement (with no CUCM) with device registration, non-traversal calls, FindMe, and other features like Lync interop. and MRA (Mobile and Remote Access), then do we need to factor VCS-C/VCS-E separately along with Expressway-C/Expressway-E or is it that Expressway-Core can be used for functionality like device registration, non-traversal calls & FindMe features.




Yes please, we really need clarification on all the issues mentioned above. Currently the whole Expressway-C/E vs VCS is a total mess.

Same here.


Hi Sumit,

I had a chat with some of the Marketing and Product owners, hopefully the following answers your questions, or points you to the information you need:

#1 -Yes, C is required in all deployments.  Check the latest Jabber and TC updates info for compatibility and Expressway.

#2 - Expressway C and E servers are available at no additional cost to UCM 9.1+ customers. A PO must be made to obtain the server software

#3 - Expressway C and E are always required. 

#4 - Both Expressway C and E are always required.  Check the Expressway documentation on for RMS capacities as there are multiple ova profiles 100 and 500.  Yes the Microsoft interoperability key is required for MSFT interop

#4 - See our Expressway Microsoft Interoperability Deployment guide on

#5 - VCS (control and Expressway) is a separate product line to support video centric deployments w/o UCM. 



Are they orderable now?

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Hope this will help you.  Got this answer from our local Cisco SE.

According to the OG Expressway will be part of the CUCM 9.x/10.x ordering (R-UCL-UCM-LIC-K9 top level) so you can add the Expressway SKUs (EXPWY-VE-C-K9  and EXPWY-VE-E-K9) from there once it's order-able, as an "add-on" to an existing deployment.  (Table 5)

OBV – a cost applies where you have MS interop or Rich Media requirements

do I understand correctly? is it still unorderable?

what if I want to add expressway E/C to an existing CUCM 9 implementation?

------- have a look to my blog

Hi Guys,

  Expressway C and E are now orderable? If yes, I've customer that have just purchased CUWL Professional license for the CUCM 9.1.

How I can get free expressway license using CUWL Pro buyed?


Thank you.





Petrus Botes

It is orderable.  Just ordered one this morning.

thanks for your reply!

are you aware of any NFR license?

------- have a look to my blog

Sorry got no idea on that one.

Ben Cook

From what I have heard from Cisco, Expressway Edge and Expressway Core are not the same as VCS-E and VCS-C.  Both infrastructures are needed to do both Collaboration Edge and Video B2B calls.


Is this still correct?  If Expressway-E and Expressway-C are now $0 when ordering CUWL, does a client still need to order VCS-C and VCS-E when deploying a B2B video architecture, or is 2 boxes (VMs) enough to do all of it?




Ritesh Desai

Hello folks!

Anyone referring to this page for clarification on expressway, you can refer below URL which will address your queries. Official Cisco published FAQ's and URL:


Hope this addresses your queries... Happy UC.


thanks & regards,

Ritesh Desai

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regards, Ritesh Desai
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