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Unified Communications traversal state failed


I have installed two separate Virtual machines VCS-Control and VCS-Expressway (Version 8.2) on a Cisco UCS server. Both VMs are on the same subnet and connected to the LAN interface of Cisco ASA firewall (No DMZ) network. I tried to establish Unified Communications traversal zone between them as suggested in Cisco doc, MRA via Expressway Deployment-Guide-X8-2 but it is always coming up as failed. Please see my scenerio diagram as well as the config of VCS-Control and Expressway from the attached files. Any help from any one would really be appreciated.





Is this a lab or a production environment?


If you use NAT on the VCS-E you need the dual interface option, even if you would

only use one interface. There are many postings around that here in the forum.


If NAT is done, all communication would need to go to the external NAT address.

So also for the VCS-C to VCS-E traversal zone, so the firewall has to allow that.

Often it is then more easy to deploy the VCS-E with two interfaces, one in the external DMZ

and one internal interface.

If this is a production environment you should place a firewall in between VCS-C and VCS-E.


As you specified a host name, check that the dns can be resolved and that the ip flow and

configuration is ok as mentioned above.

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Hi Martin, 


Thanks for the reply. currently this is in my lab.


Though NAT option is enabled when I uploaded the Expressway Advanced Networking licence , where I have given the NATed Public IP. But there isn't any dual NIC option. 


This traversal zone issue is already resolved. I was trying to make that zone from VCS-C to E with VCS-E private ip rather than it's public NATed IP. 


Right now I am able to connect cisco jabber from outside.  Now when one jabber calls another jabber client call can be received and picked up but there isn't any media between them.


Any suggestions would be appreciated.






Hi Ali,


Thank you for sharing your issue on traversal zone. I'm encountering same problem connecting the Expressway-C and Expressway-E via Unified Communications traversal. The status of the zone failed.

Expressway-C and Expressway-E are on the same network. Expressway-E LAN 1 is same subnet with Epressway-C. Expressway-E LAN 2 is connected on external network for external endpoints and Jabber clients to connect on internal endpoints.

I followed same guide "Mobile-Remote-Access-via-VCS-Deployment-Guide-X8-2".

Could you please share the troubleshooting and steps you did to resolve the issue.


Thanks & kind regards,


Acevirgil de Ocampo

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