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Chris Swinney

Upgrade a TC7.x CODEC via SCP/WinSCP

Hi All,

With the changes to root access in the TC7.x line of code, is it still possible to upload software to a CODEC via SCP to perform an upgrade? Do we need a temporary privileged account  that would have to be obtained through TAC in order to do this?

We have a client where this may be the only way possible for us to upgrade their CODECs, and as such, if we require temporary accounts for each CODEC each time we need to upgrade, this may prove to be a real pain. I know these points were raised during a very lengthy debate when the announcements for the changes in TC7 where release, but I am unsure as the to final resolution.




Chris -

You'll need to contact TAC and get the password to login with the remotesupport account to use WinSCP with the codec unfortunately.

Regarding WinSCP, it's mentioned in the below discussion, Mangus' comment about uploading of software to the codec, Wayne later replies and anthologizes that this method works:

Upload the package to the /tmp folder (remotesupport has write access here) and log in as the remotesupport user.

Then run the command: sudo installimage <package name>

Hi Patrick,

Thanks for this. Certainly this thread with the updated sticky has changed somewhat since I last read it and it is far easier to disseminate the required info at the head to the topic. I should have re-visited prior to posting. Tut tut, slap my wrists.

Still, I think this is going to be a hassle in the long term.

But on a lighter note, I will be attempting to utilise that word "anthologise" (British spelling for me with no 'z') as my word of the day tomorrow :)





No worries, and we all agree, the remotesupport account is a big hassle for us that administer these devices that have used such features as WinSCP in the past etc, so you're not alone.  :)

Haha, "anthologizes", funny spell check didn't catch that, or it did and I choose the wrong word to be change to.  Meant to be "acknowledged" I think.

Yet "anthologise" might just work in this sentence. If only he would have made his report from a collection of different material.. I'm still on a missing to use it tomorrow.....

Hi Chris,

It was my question about the WinSCP upgrade in that thread that was answered by Magnus, and yes, I can confirm that it did work when doing it that way.

The only real hassle is getting the remotesupport account activated and retrieving the password.

I've sent feeback to Cisco via these forums, and multiple TAC call surveys, that it would be much easier for all of us that need to use the remotesupport account, if we could get the password an easier, and quicker, way than contacting the TAC.  My suggestion was that they could use the licencing portal (or somewhere similar that we all have access to) that we could paste the token in to and it'd email us the password.

Fingers crossed they implement something like this soon.

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Please remember to rate responses and to mark your question as answered if appropriate.
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