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Upgrade Software for E20 to TE4.1.0

I am trying to locate the download for this release but cn't find it on Cisco or Tandberg FTP site.  Only 4.0 listed.  Any assistance?

Martin Koch

It looks you are some days to late. It was available on the Tandberg FTP Server from the 9th of november

and is seems to be removed on the 2.12. I did not find any comment why.

So yes, thats a good question, I dont have an answer, but hopefully Cisco has.

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John Regan

Unfortunately we had to remove TE4.1 due to a security concern.  The information regarding this should be shortly published here.

I believe we will release TE4.1.1 with a fix but I do not have a date for when this will released but we are obviously prioirtising this and will get it published as soon as possible.


When firmware gets pulled back, is the link you provided the only way for customers to be aware? I usually look on the FTP site, and although I do see that TE4.1 is not on the FTP, the release notes that describe TE4.1 are still there...

Hi Andrew,

There is apparently some way we can upload something  to the Cisco site for notification but we are fairly new to the Cisco tools so I will try and see how this works  and see if I can get a notice posted.

We have TE4.1.1 in release candidate so barring any major issues I hope that we can release this within the next week.

Btw, the E20 TE4.1.1 software is now available:

(not sure if the Cisco Link works)

that one shall do any how:

Btw, during the upgrade from TE4.1.1 I noticed that during the upgrade my custom background

went completly dark and red (just the old really white parts were visible) and blinked, ...

After the upgrade the custom background was gone completly.

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Hi Martin,

I have just tried to replicate your wallpaper issue and I did get it going dark and flashing when upgrading but when TE4.1.1 came up I still had the wallpaper.

Perhaps you can send me your background file to try?



Ah, dont recall the file, I created it to once test the scp upload with TE4.1 as somebody here in the forum

had mentioned some trouble. Can be that I copied it to the temp dir. I guess like on other linux systems

that direcorty gets purged on a reboot, so the loss of the it must not be related to the upgrade.

How does the wallpaper internally work, does it point fixed to the location or does it "copy" the file

over to a reboot aware location?

The main thing was to mention the red blinking, which might be confusing for the generic user :-)

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Hi Martin,

I created a bug for the flashing wallpaper issue.



Hi John,

Can you provide bug id.




The bug number is CSCtx35051.



Anybody know anywhere that still has any archived versions of the CTS-E20 software? We had 1 die and pulled the spare out of storage but it's running a much older version. We can't find it anywhere. s52100te4.anything


Tx, Rob. rjbricker at isptrader dot com

That should be rjb at isptrader dot com
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