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Alexey Smirnov

URI dialing with CUCM+VCS-C/E to external destinations

I've been trying to understand how to enable URI dialing to external destinations from endpoints (SX10 and SX20), registered on CUCM 10.5 through VCS-C/E pair. So here is a couple of cases

1) I want to dial a URI of from a registered SX10.

I have a SIP route pattern of * (with routing of domains) pointing to a SIP trunk, which points to VCS-C (using TCP, and 5560 port for incoming connections)

On VCS-C I have a neighbor zone named CUCM-manual to CUCM and a traversal zone to VCS-E (SIP only!)

Also I've created a search rule like that one


On VCS-E I have a DNS zone

And a Search rule

Under Configuration -> Interworking I have H323-SIP mode set to ON

So when I dial I get through.

The question is:

How does VCS-E decide what protocol to use, provided both SIP and H323 DNS SRV records are there? How to influence this decision?


2) I want to dial a URI of info@ ( is an external IP adress). All configuration stays the same and I get announcement "Call cannot be completed as dialed".

The questions are:

1) why this call is not covered by the * SIP route pattern (domain routing) ?

2) Why I have to add IP SIP route pattern of Can I make this pattern more flexible provided a cannot summarize all destinations into Subnet/mask quatation as I don't know them in advance?

3) why are there 2 types of SIP route patterns (domain and IP routing)?

4) With  IP SIP route pattern of the call reaches VCS-E, but it doesn't fall under DNS search rule and in Search history I see

  • CallsToUnknownIPAddresses (1)
    • Mode: Direct
    • Zone (1)

Sounds as if you need to adjust your route pattern, try *.* which is a wildcard for everything, I've noticed it mentioned in a few threads throughout the forums as a possible solution.


I have this rule (*.*) in CUCM and the system is routing all calls into the VCS. even local calls. How do I make sure that the system only routes external domains through the VCS? What do i need to look for?

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