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User duplication during CMS Directory Search

Hi Everyone,


I am facing a problem with CMS directory search. I have configured the directory search as mentioned in Acano KB article which is working fine. However when i lookup for a user i see two entries for same user. Obviosuly one for Acano SIP URI and other one is coming from Directory search.


The way i have setup is i am importing AD security group for PMP/Space for a user. But we also want to search the directory for any user and should be able to place call on to his jabber/mobile phone.


Is there a way i can merge this users ?




VIP Mentor

Re: User duplication during CMS Directory Search

There isn't way to merge the two search results.
Have you tried to set filterformat of the directory search to not include members of the AD group you've imported into CMS?
Another option is to create a second AD group for your users that you haven't imported into CMS, and use this group for your directory search.

Re: User duplication during CMS Directory Search

Hi Patrick,


The second option will be too must of task to do. I also thought that i must write a filter to exclude those users during search operation.


However there is one disadvantage of doing that. Currently when i am importing users trough AD security group, then basically it creates user space, but i can also see that it shows me user mobile/work phone etc. But i also would like to show his SIP address (which will be his Jabber URI) which can't be shown since it doesn't exists actually in AD. 


But when i created another LDAP source for user search i mapped SIP as "mail" which is now showing but not on the user coming from security group but actually when its searching for the user in the search base. So for e.g.


user 1 (imported via security group) has mobile, work, and Acano video address.

user 1 (coming from LDAP search) has mobile/work and SIP address.



So if i use a filter so exclude the search for users in LDAP who are part of security group, i won't be able to see the user SIP address. That again is a problem.


Do you think while importing the users via AD security group i must define the mapping for SIP address as well? I think that will solve at-least one problem and then i can look for the best filter to apply.





Re: User duplication during CMS Directory Search



Just an update, i wrote the filter and it is working now. However i now running into the issue i was expecting.  I only see the users mobile/SIP/Acano Address now, since this user in not searchable because of the filter.


I also tried to create an LDAP Mapping and define SIP as "mail" but i think it is not supported. Any other idea if i can show the users SIP Address, which is going to be his Jabber directory URI, provided that user should show only once during search operation.




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