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Using a codec camera as a webcam

Are there any codecs which come with a video out and a webcam video out? If not, what would I need to utilize my codec camera as a webcam? I need to sometimes initiate web conferencing calls in my VTC suite. I would like to integrate my VTC camera, microphones in and audio out in my codec into a computer workstation. 
I would like to do this with an SX80 / MX700. 


It's not possible to use any Cisco endpoint as a computer webcam, at least not out of the box.  You could possible make something work with some audio/video devices connected to the codec to send the audio/video to the computer, but you might also need something at the computer to accept those inputs.  In the end, you'd have to invest in third-party devices and spend some time with trial and error, probably too much work and time if you ask me as the endpoints weren't designed to do this.


Not directly. Simple answer to how we manage it we split the video signal from the cameras and feed them in a capture card on the PC you may need some virtual web cam software depending on which web conferencing software you use. We do the same with the audio signal. Generally in these room we are not using cisco cameras or microphones and are running a separate control system, basic the sx80 is added on to existing AV system with cameras and microphones. Pretty much unless it is a large room you are trying to set up just use a dedicated USB camera and microphone it will be a lot cheaper.

Some web conferencing systems let you dial in via Sip video calls including Webex, which is a lot easier.

Wayne DeNardi
VIP Advisor

As mentioned by the others in this thread, no, this is not possible with most standard computer workstations out of the box.

As others have mentioned, it's possible to add additional equipment to both the PC and the cameras to make this happen, but the cost of this would far exceed the cost of a dedicated web camera for your device.

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Please remember to rate responses and to mark your question as answered if appropriate.
cecile gallien


We did it to leverage the camera HD quality with a very famous client PC software. We used an Extron MediaPort 200 which converts an HDMI input from the codec, into USB to the computer. We had to figure out very specifically the configuration of the codec to make it work in both mode : videoconference (standard mode) and PC Peripheral. The codec is managed but an AMX Touch to provide any changes in the configuration.

As the others said, it is not a standard solution. It is a "home-made" solution for a specific customer.

I let you give it a go if you think you can get a kind of MediaPort 200.

Have Fun,


Hi Cecile,
Were you able to do it with dual cameras?

The dual camera setup (Speaker Track) uses special technology in the codec to make that all work.  


You could connect the display output of the codec to your camera input setup and enable self view with Speaker Track enabled.  It's the work around of the century but could work...


Are you trying to use a GoToMeeting, Skype or something that doesn't support a video codec SIP or H323 Dial in? 

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I'm using videoconferencing web applications and clients, such as the department of defense DCS, and also Skype, etc. I don't believe I can connect via SIP.
I thought possibly I could connect one camera to a media bridge and turn off tracking. I haven't tried it yet.
I an also considering a Cisco Spark Room Kit Plus  purchase and wondering if I'll be able to route the camera to a matrix and then back to the codec and media bridge.

Hi Cecile,


I am wondering about the specific configurations inside the codec in order to get the AEC to work. I have connected the REF of the Mediaport to a Line In on the Cisco codec, but I still get echo. Are you able to clarify at all about this?

You can use a third party camera with your codec. We use vaddio cameras to our SX 80 codecs. The USB output then comes off of the Camera Control Unit.

Thanks, but I don't want to lose the speakertrack capability when I go back to H.323.


The answer is now "YES".  Your option is the Room Kit mini which does have a USB out you can leverage for anything on your PC a typical USB web cam would be used for.

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That device has a specific use case for very small and close meeting spaces .

Vaddio also has a USB bridge device for this case but yes you have to play splitter games to get the source into it and the codec.

The only other terrible idea is calling the codec with Jabber or something and using virtual camera software to use the Jabber window as the video source - awful idea and adds a lot of complexity but years ago this is more or less what some company did to get consumer Skype to work with enterprise systems .

Yes, true. And, it's one or the other with the mini, there's no way to conduct two different transports simultaneously, but that is, now, a solution to my original question.

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