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Using a codec camera as a webcam

Are there any codecs which come with a video out and a webcam video out? If not, what would I need to utilize my codec camera as a webcam? I need to sometimes initiate web conferencing calls in my VTC suite. I would like to integrate my VTC camera, microphones in and audio out in my codec into a computer workstation. 
I would like to do this with an SX80 / MX700. 


The SX10 cannot be used as a web camera via the USB connector.   The only endpoint that supports this out of the box is the Room Kit Mini.  If you have any other Room Kit series endpoints, there are workarounds to make it work with HDMI->USB capture devices. 

Using one of these devices with your SX10 could be a solution for you as well, but it's not a simple solution that will work without some fiddling and configuration. 

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I've connected my Precision HD x4 camera straight to Win 10 PC via camera's USB port. I'm getting picture on Win USB device OK. The question of controlling PTZ functions is critical and remains unsolved. My be this camera just cannot get commands via USB connection.

Any ideas on software solution for win 10?

I have been working on getting an SX80 turned into a standalone "glorified webcam" as well and I am close to having it working the way I would like. Current problem I am having is getting the macro programming correct for a Speaker Track/Presenter Track button and a mute/unmute button. My skills in that coding area are beginner level at best so any help in resolving the coding would be appreciated.

Even though the SX80 is getting close to the end of support, the quality of the video coming from the Speakertrack 60 cameras and the Speaker Track function itself makes it a very powerful and useful tool for conference rooms. I work in a joint Air Force and Army environment and have successfully used it on both network computer platforms for audio and video into Microsoft Teams, Webex, and Zoom.

Background setup info:
SX80 updated software to version ce
SpeakerTrack 60 dual cameras
Magewell capture device (turns the HDMI out of SX80 to USB into the computer) -
Two wired audio-technica condenser boundary microphones for testing

With the 9.15 Software I set up a new audio path so that the audio from all microphones is transmitted out through HDMI 1. See page 17

The following xConfigurations were put into the Developer API tab within the admin web interface
xConfiguration Standby Control: On
xConfiguration Standby Delay: 120
xConfiguration Video Output Connector 1 CEC Mode: On
xConfiguration Video Selfview Default Mode: On
xConfiguration Video Selfview Default FullscreenMode: On
xConfiguration Video Output Connector 1 MonitorRole: Recorder
xConfiguration UserInterface ContactInfo Type: None
xconfiguration UserInterface Features Call Start: Hidden
xconfiguration UserInterface Features JoinWebex: Hidden
xconfiguration UserInterface Features Share Start: Hidden

I used the following macro to keep the system awake and the cameras/speaker track working
post from 11-27-2018 11:58 AM
The modification of delay from '480' to '400' seems to resolve the video glitching as stated in that post

I used the following macro for adding a toggle button to the home screen for switching from SpeakerTrack to Presenter track but as said before I have not gotten this to work quite right
More info on current setup is the HDMI from the two Speaker Track 60 cameras are plugged into HDMI 1 in and HDMI 3 in. The toggle does successfully work with Speaker Track and then when it toggles to Presenter track the video switches but it does not digitally zoom or track the person it is just a static wide view from the camera.

Lastly would like to get a mute/unmute toggle button similar to the camera toggle button mentioned above where the button text changes from Mute to Muted and the color of the button changes programed onto the Touch 10 but have had no luck in finding a macro or building one. As a side note I did try entering xconfiguration Audio Microphones Mute Enabled: True which should have enabled the physical mute button on the Touch 10 but like the below article it did not work.

Again if anyone is able to help with resolving the code with the last two macro pieces it would be appreciated.

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