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Using Samsung Tab as a remote for C40

Hi all, I have a samsung tab that is setup to control our room. So far it can control everything but our C40 codec.

It has a built in IR port and the app it uses is Peel, which you can edit the button codes.

I was wondering if there was a list of codes that the current remote control user, so I could enter them into the Peel software.

Or if anyone has an alternate setup using a similar tablet?




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John Regan

John Regan

Looks good!

I am copying the page here for future reference.

Thanks John.

FYI, this app claims to have the C40 along with other conference systems in its list of devices.

I will be testing this sometime soon.

Thanks for the info.... willl try and work out how to get it into the tablet.!

Looks like the software that comes with it (Peel) doesnt have the ability to enter in custom devices and codes....

Out of luck.....

If anyone else has managed to use an app or something, it would be great to hear your experience.

Btw, what kind of control software do you use for example for the room and what to you want to control?

The C40 has an API so you can control it via http requests, maybe that could be a handy way as well

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Hi.... we dont have any room control.

I want to be able to turn on the TV and the C40... and also have a single button programmed in to connect to our remote site.

Our users dont have the capacity to turn on 2 devices, and then ensure the source on the TV is correct..... and then browse through the phonebook to the only entry in it, and finally make the call....!

It was funny, I was showing one of them how to do it, and their eyes kinda rolled into the back of their head.... Its not that hard right?

via http could also be a good option!



Consider as a userfrindly way would be to use a screen with a auto standby / wakeup on

hdmi or dvi and use the original cisco touch panel for the c40.

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Hi John, it looks like this keymap doesnt work with the tablet / app. I get the feeling that maybe the tablet option wont work.

Has anyone had any sucess with using a universal remote with the C40 (ie. the Logitech Harmony)

Martin, our C40 never came with a Touch Panel, and I dont think our budget will allow for the extra cost of them.



It´s always a bad condition to expect the best without spending some money on it :-)

Most people writing in here are professionals and it is clear to us that any improvement costs money. It's not all solvable by downloading an app from your favourite app store and using consumer products. For instance with the right display, you will not have to turn on it via Remote Control. It will turn on automaticaly when the C40 wakes up. Maybe decide involve a cisco partner who his able to help you out.

If you´re not able to spend some money for such enhancements, you could try to solve it by your own. Mabe one idea could be to use a raspberry pi and connect a big red button on the input and a IR-LED on the output and write a little program/script to send commands to the TV and C40´s API, when anyone presses the button...but it´s just an idea...

i understand what you are saying..... and we did spend money to get the solution.... We stretched our budget to get the Cisco solution...

However, wouldnt it be a good setup? I have the tablet, it works with everything else.... Why not try and get it to work?...

And if I can, then there will be people who may be interested in doing the same thing.

I can get our solution to wirelessley display powerpoint documents, it can act as a whiteboard, it can browse the net and can make skype calls..... This is the last piece of the jigsaw puzzle...

All with a few hundred dollar tablet and nothing else.

You could throw tens of thousands of dollars at it, and get the same result.... But thats something we dont have. It doesnt mean I shouldnt try....


I do not know details on how IR works. Is there some kind of frequency spectrum which is used to control TV sets and another spectrum for the codec? In some docs I saw this frequency mentioned : Carrier 30.53435Khz.

You can debug IR by logging into the system as admin and do :

log ctx IRsensor debug 9


log output on


To turn debug output to screen off do :

log output off

log ctx IRsensor debug 0

And see what you get when you press some buttons.

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