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Using the speaker track 60 with Cisco codec pro

Hi All, 


I am currently designing 24 VC rooms for a project in London (and since no one will offer technical support i am here) and am considering a better camera tracking solution than in the Quad Camera. Is it possible to use the speaker track in conjunction with the newer codecs as opposed to the SX80 as this is only HD.


Cheers Sam.

Rising star

Good question - I looked it up for you! The answer is yes - this is from the Pro Data Sheet: 


The Room Kit Pro supports intelligent cameras and functionality to enable dynamic viewing capabilities in video meetings:

●   Cisco Webex Quad Camera: Camera system with four embedded digital cameras that enable best overview and speaker tracking capabilities. With the Quad Camera, the Room Kit Pro can also deliver analytics such as people count.

●   Cisco® SpeakerTrack 60 Camera: Dual camera system featuring a unique direct, fast-switching approach for speaker tracking with two Precision 60 cameras.

●   Cisco PresenterTrack: Makes it easier for presenters to move around the front of the room, using the Precision 60 Camera to follow a presenter within a defined zone.

With its powerful media engine, the Room Kit Pro lets you build the video collaboration room of your dreams.

Does the Room Kit Pro support 2 Speaker Track 60 camera systems?


Looks like Room Kit Pro only supports one speaker track system.  The quote below is from page 28 of the camera guide for the speaker track 60 ( )

"Only one camera with speaker track functionality can be connected at the time. Cameras with speaker track functionality are the Quad Camera and SpeakerTrack 60"

Jonathan Unger
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@SamWilliams I am a little surprised to hear the comment that "and since no one will offer technical support i am here". Are you working with a Cisco partner? 24VC room deal is worth quite a bit of $$ for Cisco and I am sure there would be supports available for you.


EDIT: Just realizing this thread is very old! It popped up in the top of my feed. For future reference though, there are many resources that can be engaged on the Cisco side, reach out to a partner if you are not already working with one.


- Jon

@Jonathan UngerThe issue is that as a consultant I am not a Cisco partner nor am I working with one. 
Neither do we want to work with a distributor as we have zero input as to how this hardware will be procured later. (Thus robbing time from distributors).

The integrator on the project was not a partner and the client purchased the hardware directly from Cisco.

As a result of this there is no access to support for system designers who are not the clients own staff or large integration partners (who never sell the hardware anyway as the client mostly free issues it).

As a result of this the larger and more complicated  deployments which are consultant led are left in the dark.

Cisco are not alone in this, Poly are equally poor at supporting consultants. 

On the whole no much support is actually needed, but when we need to do something a bit different then it can help improve the end result.

or allow us to offer best value for their requirement.


We use the Speakertrack 60 with Codec Pros in spaces that have longer distances. We have found the Quadcam due to its zoom limitations doesn't perform well enough for us past about 25 feet. So in those spaces we use the Speakertracks and they do well for us out to 32 feet before we start to see some tracking issues but have used them or a P60 with manual presets pretty well upto 40 feet.

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