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Rising star

VCS Appli8ance question

We have an older VCS pair hardware Series 52A.

The release notes indicate that the last supported release is 8.7.2


Question is can they run a newer version of code? Eithere 8.11.4 or 12.5?


I know that I need to move to the VM versions but just wonderingif it will work first.

Anurag Srivastava1

Hello RIchard,


I have seen customer who are using 1st generation upgraded till X8.8.3 but after that i think appliance is not capable enough to handle new releases or features.

Also there will be no support from TAC if you run into any issues.


So it will be better if you move to VM.



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Wayne DeNardi
VIP Advisor

You can possibly upgrade it to X8.11.x if you really needed to do some testing, but the old hardware VCS running that new software won't be supported, but will likely be OK for a quick test (especially if it doesn't have a lot of registrations or concurrent calls going through it).  Personally, I've upgraded a couple to software versions later than officially supported for testing before and haven't had any issues with just a small test case (but only as far as X8.8.x).  One specific case of this was a 52B version of hardware that failed that we were sent a 52A as a replacement.

The old hardware itself goes completely end of support at the end of September this year, so the sooner you can do your testing and migrate off of the old hardware, the better.

You can always run your VMs at the older X8.x version, then upgrade them to a newer load at a later date - that's what we have done with a number of the VCSes in our environment, then once we have the whole fleet off of the old hardware, we will look at the software upgrade of them all to keep them relatively consistent and up to date.

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