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VCS-C Zone questions

Hello, I am new to this forum but I have a VCS question about zone authentication.

Our company has a single vcs-c and vcs-e (vX8.8.3) and we have a number of Movi 4.7 clients that are experiencing issues with call quality.


What is happening is that when users are in the Movi window they are not able to change their Presence status at all. Whenever they try they get an error stating "Failed to Update Presence. Unable to change Presence status. Reason: (403: Policy Response)


In addition they are experiencing odd behavior when in a call with other users. Intermittent drops and jitter are happening at random times throughout the meetings. 


Looking at the Call details of one of the users attending the meeting in the Control this is what appears:

DefaultSubZone -> DefaultSZtoTraversalSZ -> TraversalSubZone -> DefaultSZtoTraversalSZ -> DefaultSubZone


In the vcs-c the Zone Authentication Policies are:

Default:             Do not check credentials

Traversal:          Do not check credentials


In the vcs-e:

Default:             Do not check credentials

Traversal:          Do not check credentials


In the vcs-c there is a Default Subzone set to Do not check credentials 

In the vcs-e there is a default Subzone set to Check credentials


In addition to these zones we also have a CUCM and MRA zones which I do not believe are associated with these calls.     


My company is currently going through a healthcare funding process and we have an issue with creating a TAC with Cisco so I thought I'd check here to see if anyone can help me while I am waiting for my service contract to be re-created.


Files can be provided if necessary.


Thank you





Oleksandr Yurchenko

Hello Jonnathan,


Authentication policies use for authentication your clients.

Presence errors - for presence status your clients.

If you have call quality issues - you need  look in your network, learn call route , firewall ...

br Oleksandr
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